My 5 most popular posts of 2017

With 2017 officially over, I can finally make this best of list. A list of my 5 most read blog posts in 2017. The past year the amount of readers I received has gone up quickly. Which is always a great motivation for me.

So let’s get into this. The big themes seem to be Belgium, urbexing, and alcohol.

Just Belgian things: How to survive and thrive on a trip to Belgium

This worked very well with Belgians. It wasn’t a very serious guide. It has some great information about our little country and how we think though. The reason this one is so popular is because all the Belgians laughed with a couple of the things I mentioned.

Disclaimer: the french fries story is a myth, not the real story. People really seem to get wound up about that one.

Huawei P10 photography review

I think reviews are usually a bit dry and bland. So in this one, I tried to focus on the photography side of the smartphone. It seems to work very well on Google. So I think I nailed the review. I’m currently thinking about doing a new one for the Mate 10 pro too. Another great phone.

The Royal Station: Fred goes urbexing

This is a specific location, which seems to work for people. Urbexing is a popular thing in Belgium. Probably because we have so many great locations to do so. Just like this one. It’s a pretty unknown location. Because it’s well hidden in the woods. But apart from that, it’s actually pretty easy to get to and to explore.

5 beautiful urbex locations in Belgium

What’s better than one location? Indeed, five of them. This is an overview I made with some of my favorite urbexing locations in Belgium. Nothing too special but it’s great eye-candy.

I drank over 20 Dutch beers in one week, and these are the results

The alcoholic blog posts usually work well too. I post them in some Facebook-groups about beers where I like to browse through. The people there are so passionate about the subject, that they read anything they can get their eyes on. It was fun to write and share, but even more, fun to experience all the beers that week. I’m thinking of doing a similar trip this year.

What blog post did you enjoy the most this year?