MPOW lenses review – The cheap lens set for your smartphone

Recently I got some new smartphone lenses as a gift. Since they looked pretty cheap, and actually are, I didn’t expect too much from them. After the first couple of uses, I was amazed by them. Check out the MPOW smartphone lenses!

The MPOW lenses are a 3 in 1 set. You have a fish-eye, a wide-angle, and a macro. The good thing about the lenses is their compatibility with all devices. Since they don’t rely on a complicated attachment they clip onto all smartphones. Unfortunately, this also means they don’t attach as sturdy as you might want.

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Wide angle and fish-eye

I’m not the biggest fan of wide angle lenses. Especially not on smartphones, since their standard is usually already pretty wide. For me, there is no need to make that even wider. Although I’ll admit that the fish-eye sometimes is a fun effect to use. For example, if you’re making a group selfie.

Since the lenses are pretty cheap, I don’t expect too much of the quality. Yet, apart from the normal distortion with wide angles. The color and quality distortion are acceptable. Especially for photos that are meant for quick online consumption, like Instagram Stories.

The Macro lens

I don’t know why, but I just love doing macro photography with my smartphone. Maybe it’s because it’s simply amazing you can do that. Anyhow, the macro lens on the MPOW lenses was very important for me. Instantly I was pretty satisfied with the result.

It’s a fixed focus point, so sometimes it’s a bit annoying getting your subject perfectly in focus. You are bound to move your smartphone closer and further away from your subject to get it sharp. It can even mean you need to move just a millimeter back of forth to ruin your focus completely. In this case, practice makes perfect!

What smartphone lenses do you use? Are you happy with them? Let me know in the comments below!

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