Sun, art and good vibes: the Middelheim-museum in Antwerp has it all!

Antwerp is a very versatile city. In the city center there is a lot to do, but maybe you want to get out of the urban area for a couple of hours and experience some silence and rest. The Middelheim museum is the ideal place for you then.

An allround park

It’s a well known art museum in the city of Antwerp. But don’t let the ‘museum’ scare you off. The admission is free. Zero euro’s. Nada! Just walk in and start enjoying the park. There are two big parts with a lane in between. Both parts have their fair share of forest and open areas. So if you want to enjoy listening to the birds next to a pond, or want to sunbath on the open fields. You can! But mostly, you can enjoy the art of several artists.

Need a drink or a bite?

During the entire year you can have a warm coffee in the little castle. You can find it near the ‘melting boat’. During summer it’s even more fun. They have a large tent where you can go for an Antwerpian beer or a piece of Tiramisu-cake. It’s delicious!

Tip: try the Wild Joe beer.

Richard Deacon, only this summer

From now until the end of september, you can enjoy the work of Richard Deacon. You can find 31 works of his hand all over the park. The highlight is probably his blimp. The one in the park is a remake of the original from 1993. At the entrance you can find a booklet with more information about the artist and his work.

The Middelheim, a photographers delight

If you are like me and enjoy to photograph, this is a great place in Antwerp to do that. Because it’s outside and weather dependant, the art always changes. Resulting in new photos every time.

This are two of the series I made there.

Framed by art

Play with the light and shadows

Have you ever been to the park? I would love to read your experiences in the comments!

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