Me, as a Blogger – Tag: 12 personal questions and answers

As a blogger, I like filling in tags. Not all of them are travel oriented, sometimes It’s just a list of personal questions. I like filling them in to see what I have to say about myself. I also think it’s fun for you to read, and actually get to know me.

Where do you get the most inspiration from as a blogger?

Just browsing through other blogs on Feedly, looking on Facebook and Twitter, watching photos on 500px and YouPic, and the best way: Going out. Take pictures in my neighborhood, Belgium and even abroad.

What do you eat or drink while blogging/writing?

I usually don’t eat behind my laptop. Not because I find it disgusting to have food on my keyboard, but because I find it inefficient. I do drink water or cola while blogging. If I’m feeling like it, I might have a beer. Cornet is my favorite.

#belgianbeers to flush the monday away. (Cornet beer)

Een foto die is geplaatst door Fredography ? (@fredpaulussen) op

When you are making a yearly overview, when do you start?

If I decide to make one, it’s usually around November that I start collecting all the info.

What is the most valuable thing you have learned as a blogger?

Just keep going. If no one reads your blog, try to figure out why and change that part. But without changing you (motivational cliché alert). Maybe it’s just your layout that’s not right or titles that are not teasing enough. Just stay true to yourself. Cause if you don’t, you will find blogging to be exhausting.

I have been able to get more and more readers, just by holding on to what I believe in.

What is the best moment for you to blog?

When I’m in my favorite coffee-place in Antwerp. I can really focus on writing there and sometimes even get four or five posts ready in one afternoon.

What would you still like to achieve as a blogger?

I don’t know, go full-time would be cool? But at the same time, won’t I get sick of the constant need to perform then? We’ll see what the future brings!

Do you often feel insecure after publishing an article as a blogger?

I used to, but now I feel more okay with my errors. A typo? No biggie, someone will point it out and I will change it. Not interesting enough? Well, at least I have this story on paper for myself.

Do you have a lot of contact with other bloggers?

A couple of them, but mostly online. None of my good friends actually blog. Which is good. There is more to life than blogging. I do try to make connections, but it’s not always easy with everyone constantly traveling.

What music or TV-channel do you like in the background while blogging?

I’ve been rewatching How I Met Your Mother recently. But the story isn’t so difficult, so I can blog at the same time. If I’m not “watching” a series, I put on some music. For me DJ-sets in the House and Disco genre work the best. Boiler Room, Cercle, Mixmag, … all good YouTube-channels for DJ-sets.

What day is the best for you to write articles?

Any weekday. I work and work-out during the week, which makes me active. Weekends are usually when I go out and photograph, have fun with friends, or just stay in and binge Netflix.

What article on your blog are you the proudest of?

That’s a tough one. Probably my urbex-ones. It’s fun to make the photos, to write about the locations and the adventures. And on top of that, they are my best performing blog posts in organic search results.

Why would you recommend other to start a blog

If you want to get better at something, blog about it. You will start doing better research, putting more effort into actually doing it, and getting better results for yourself. Don’t make blogging the goal, but a tool to get to it.

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Let me know if you are also doing this tag. I’d love to read your answers!

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