Lifesavers to bring with you on your next camping trip

Last weekend me and a friend went camping in Normandy, France. A great idea: it’s a warm region, close to the sea and the campings there are well made. What can go wrong, right? Well…

Some things might seem dumb of us to forget, others were a mistake, and others, well… we just didn’t know we needed it until we actually needed it.

Bring a mattress

My friend actually forgot this. He thought that a couple of blankets and a field-bed would be plenty. But even with a field-bed, most of the cold comes from below. A mattress helps you to solve this problem easily. This way, you won’t have to sleep in the car each night.

Bring a towel

Cue Towlie: “Don’t forget to bring a towel!”. I actually did this. Thing is: I had them next to my suitcase, but then forgot to put them in. Classic me! Easy solution: just bring one and don’t forget to pack it.

A powerbank can be handy

Although we had a power socket next to our tent, I can imagine a powerbank can come in handy. Your smartphone is drained after a day of photographing all the amazing sights you see. So make sure you can make new photos the next day.

Bottled water

Most camping have a sanitary block, but bottles can be handy in the off chance it’s not there. You might not take a shower with one, but basic stuff like brushing your teeth can be done with a water bottle. Also, you want one to drink at night.

A pillow

This is a luxury object, you can just stuff some clothes in a bag and sleep on that. But I am a very comfortable sleeper. I need at least one decent pillow to make me happy. So next time, I will remember to bring one so I don’t have to sleep on my jacket stuffed under my sleeping bag.


What essential object did you once forget while camping?

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