My July 2018 summarized in Smartphone photos (Huawei P20 pro + VSCO cam)

This past month flew past me. It was way to warm to do things. I still managed to have an interesting month. I had many new experiences, had great moments with the people I like and love, and tested how waterproof my smartphone is. Take a look at my July 2018!

Celebrating my Bday

I started the month with my birthday. As a 26-year-old, I can assume I’m a big boy now! What better to treat yourself with a big piece of pie and an iced latte? Correct, also buying a 16-35mm and 70-200mm for my Nikon. Hooray!

Having a BBQ with a friend

It was a long time since I saw a couple of my friends. We all worked hard and wanted to reward ourselves with a good BBQ. The friendly dog was a great bonus!

Watching the World Cup

The start of July was also filled with a lot of World Cup viewings. In Antwerp, I went to watch the Belgian games at the De Koninck Brewery. Which might be my favorite beer in the world.

Helping a friend move

This month my good friend, Margot, went to live alone. Well, with a good friend of her. A new apartment means a new layer of paint. As a good friend, I offered my help… I also spotted this photo and needed to make it!

Visiting IKEA

A couple of days later Margot needed some things from IKEA. As her best friend… with a car… I helped her out. Who can resist a plate of K├Âttbullar?

Going on a Roadtrip

Hamza, Fons and I went on a little road trip to Strasbourg for the weekend. While on the road, we decided to do a quick stop to play some ball.

Don’t forget to bring these essentials on your next road trip.

Having a refreshing swim

Another one during the road trip. After the long ride, we needed to refresh ourselves. So yeah, we just jumped into the first pool we could find.

Exploring Strasbourg

During the city trip in Strasbourg, it is an obvious choice to go to the European Parliament.

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Movie at the brewery

After the World Cup, the Koninck Brewery decided to use their screen as a movie theatre. So, some friends and I went out and saw some new movies.

Lunch with my godmother

When it’s your birthday, it’s also time to go and eat with family members. Like I did with my godmother. I can’t come to her doorstep without good chocolates, right?

Going on a tapas-date

When your girlfriend is into food sharing, what do you do? Exactly, you go out for tapas!

Rooftop party with Huawei

As a Huawei Ambassador, I was invited to the opening of their new exhibition in Brussels. The contest ran until a couple of weeks ago, and now the winners were showcasing their work. I saw some beautiful photos at the exhibition!

Swimming in the Blaarmeersen

Before we were going to party at the Gentse Feesten, Hamza and I went to the Blaarmeersen to have a refreshing swim. It’s a huge natural pool near Ghent. Perfect for warm summer days.

Eating Wurst for the first time

In Belgium, we have a chain of restaurants selling Haute Dogs. It’s like hot dogs, but with more taught and flavor. I tried the ‘Mexico 86’ and enjoyed every bite of it!

Bowling with friends

My friends and I have this tradition where we go for bowling with the guys. We drink beers, “bro out” and roll balls.

Beer-date with a buddy

Drinking a beer with friends. Yes, we men also like to have a talk with each other.

Cereal Haven breakfast

In Antwerp, we have a restaurant that only sells cereal. So I decided to go out there and give it a try for myself. It really is worth the visit!

Beer tasting with Fons

As you might know, I have an IG-account with friends to share our beer-adventures. This night, I spent tasting and photographing new beers.

How did you enjoy your month? Let me know in the comments!

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