January 2019 overview in photos, travel, and beers

The first month of the year is over again, so it’s time for an overview. I decided to change it up a bit. I’m going to look more into details per day, I’m going to include more photos than just the smartphone ones and I’m going to talk about the beers I drank. Let’s get into it!

The first days of the year I spent sleeping in, I spent time with family at brunch, I made a nice and new headshot for myself, I got back into Pinterest, and had a birthday party to attend to.

My new headshot (Made with my Nikon D850)

Next up, I spent time starting a new project that I hope to tell you more about later this year.  In my time off I went to the Middelheim museum with Hamza and Fons to play some Pokemon Go. Yes, I still do that!

I had a nice lunch with my godmother and went to my brother in the Netherlands to babysit his kids for two days. It was a handful, but spending time with my niece and god-son is totally worth it!

Gravensteen in Ghent, a must visit castle in the city center! (Made with my Huawei Mate 20 Pro)

After babysitting, I returned to my girlfriend in Ghent to celebrate being together for six months. A joy we celebrated with staying in and ordering plenty of food with Deliveroo.

Later I had a complete week doing a photoshoot all over Belgium and the Netherlands. More about that might pop up on my portfolio website and Instagram.

For the shoot, I went to Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Ghent, and Antwerp.

Next up for me was more shooting for clients. Creating photos with food. I also played some games with friends. It was a lot of fun having them around a table and getting competitive. Real competitive.

Then I discovered a new burger place and beer bar in Ghent with my girlfriend. After plenty of time in those places we went to see Mortal Engins. A movie I wanted to see for a while now, it’s safe to say that I am pretty dissapointed though.

Burgers at Paul’s Boutique in Ghent (Made with my Huawei Mate 20 Pro)

The day after we held a Lord of the Rings marathon to make up for the bad movie. So all was good in the end.

Food and Lord of the Rings (Made with my Huawei Mate 20 Pro)

The next day I had more photoshoots to do in Antwerp, which was a lot of fun. I really need to visit my hometown more!

Then I celebrated the four years of friendship I have with Fons and Hamza at Tropicos in Antwerp. It’s a Brazilian and Mexican restaurant. Followed by a visit to the Beer Lovers Bar. Fons accidentally ordered a stout of 14 euros.

My #2 One More Time IPA beer (Made with my Huawei Mate 20 Pro)

Then it was time for my trip to Spain. Going to visit my girlfriends family who lives there. A visit to Cartagena, Elche, her family, and several smaller places.

So, in quick that was my month in words and photos.

January 2019 in summary

Firsts I did in January 2019

  • Driving in Spain (with a car I rented)
  • Visiting Cartagena and Elche
  • Drinking at Rock Circus in Ghent

The beers I drank for the first time in 2019

Thanks to Untappd I know exactly what beers I drank this past month. This month I tried 13 new beers. I decided to share these ones too, since I find it interesting information. Traveling the world by beers. It’s another hobby of mine.

  • Quilmes Crystal from Argentina
  • Gruut Inferno from Belgium
  • #2 One More Time from Sweden
  • Ros Mokke from Belgium
  • Martin’s IPA 55 from Belgium
  • Monks’ Reserve Ale from the USA
  • Félicité from France
  • Bohemia from Brazil
  • American Dream pt 2 from France
  • Budweiser from the USA
  • Ambar Especial from Spain
  • A.K. DAMM from Spain
  • San Miguel Selecta from Spain

Notable Social Media Posts

My most liked photo on Instagram this month. It’s one I made when I went to pick up my girlfriend at her workplace. It’s the cosy christmas market in Ghent.

A photo of me and my girlfriend in Amsterdam. My friend Hamza was so kind to take over my camera for a minute and snap this photo of us.

My most popular post on Facebook. It’s a photo series of the elephants I saw in Botswana at the end of last year. Since there are a lot of elephants there I decided it was only right to dedicate a post to them.

Interesting articles I published in January 2019

What have you been up to this month? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: There is none, I just really wanted to write this piece of content for you. <3

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