4 things I want to improve in as a travel blogger

With great blogging, comes great responsibility. Maybe that’s a bit exaggerated. However, there are a lot of skills you need as a travel blogger. As with any skill, there is always room for improvement.

In this blog post, I will talk about the things I like to get better at. Particular in relation to running a travel blog.

Be a better food photographer

Fried goat cheese in Valetta, Malta

You might have noticed how little photos of food and drinks I have on this website. It’s not because I don’t find food and drinks interesting. I love having a good meal and drink. I just tend to dive into my platter to fast.

Of course, the consequence is my plate looks ruined and not photogenic anymore. Thus resulting in me having absolutely no pictures of the food I ate while traveling. A good travel blogger would think of making the photo first.

I love tasting beers. For example: at the VCBF in Vleteren.

Remember to photograph and write about the hotel/hostel

Lochemse Berg hotel in Gelderland

Another thing I usually forget to photograph. Up until I have thrown my stuff everyone and the pristine look of the room is ruined. I also usually don’t really mind the hotel as an important aspect of the trip. Because I usually try to be there as least as possible. A good traveler is a busy traveler, right?

The hotel above was my base during my Gelderland trip.

Keep up on the IG-stories as a Travel Blogger

Frederic Paulussen, Travel Blogger and Instagrammer

Most of the times I start off really good and make a story of the interesting highlights of the day. Day three or four I often tend to lose interest. I focus too hard on photographing with my Nikon and just lose track of my stories.

And that while I actually think IG-stories are a great tool for bloggers to broadcast what they are up to. So I will try to consistently update my stories… maybe even when I’m not traveling.

Put more people in my photos

photographing on Comino, Malta

One of the things that helps your readers visualize a destination, is to put someone in your shots. It can even just be a tiny person in a massive landscape. In addition to that, I should probably try to put myself in the photos more. It’s something I usually try to avoid. However, it helps you to put a face on this blog.

What do you think I should improve? Or is there something you would like to improve at? Let me know in the comments below!

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