Huawei P30 pro-RAW photo samples to download (free download raw photo samples)

After all the reviews I wrote about the Huawei P30 Pro, there is one question which goes unanswered: What about the RAWs? How do they look? And are they really so amazing?

Don’t care about the information? You can download the free raw samples via the form at the end of this blog post.

Which lenses on the P30 Pro support RAW?

The Huawei P30 Pro supports RAW on all three back-sensors. Let’s get into it.

So as discussed in my P30 pro review, there are 3 lenses on the backside of the smartphone. A regular 40 megapixels one, a 5x telephoto with 8 megapixels, and an Ultra-wide sensor with 20 megapixels.

Don’t let the megapixels fool you. The telephoto still creates powerful images. Though, the RAW (or dng) files aren’t supported with the 10x hybrid zoom and 50x digital zoom.

A little bit more about the files you get from the P30 Pro camera. I’m talking resolutions and file-sizes.

  • Main – 40MP
  • 7280 x 5456 pixels
  • Average 75MB
  • Telephoto – 8MP
  • 3248 x 2432 pixels
  • Average 15MB
  • Ultra-wide – 20MP
  • 5104 x 3824 pixels
  • Average 40MB

Please note that the file-size can vary and the MB mentioned are estimates. Brighter photos are typically bigger in filesize than photos with more black and shadows. The resolution, however, stays unchanged.

So with all this information, I can imagine you want to download the RAW-files for yourself. I did my best to create a mix of photography genres with all the different lenses. Hope you enjoy playing around with them!

Note that the copyrights of these photos are always owned by me, the creator. So published or using them has to be allowed by me in writing. Thank you for respecting the law.

Disclaimer: I wrote this article while being a Huawei Brand Ambassador, though, I am not paid for this particular piece of content.

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  1. Hello, I am unable to get access to these files as well. I am a subscriber to the blog and was hoping you could help me to download these files.

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