The Huawei P30 pro macro lens review

With the Huawei P30 pro released, we are all playing around with the telezoom options and having fun with it. However, there is also a macro lens on the Huawei P30 pro. Let’s talk about that little nifty lens!

Where to find the macro lens

First things first, where can you find the Huawei P30 pro macro mode? It’s not a button like the 0,6x, 1x, or 5x lenses are in the camera mode. To find it the P30 pro macro lens you simply have to turn on the 0,6x ultra wide angle lens in your camera application. Easy as that!

Is it really a macro lens?

I don’t really find the necessary info to tell you if it’s actually a macro lens. It is a wide-angle lens, that much we can easily tell. Often wide-angle lenses can get closer to their subject and still be in focus. Because that’s how wide angle lenses work. So for that reason, I don’t feel like the Huawei P30 pro’s macro lens is actually a macro, but more a wide-angle lens with a shorter focusing distance, allowing us to make macro-esque shots.

The specs of the wide-angle/macro lens on the P30 pro

  • Ultra-wide – 20MP
  • 5104 x 3824 pixels
  • Average 40MB
  • It is possible to shoot RAW
  • 2.5cm focusing distance

Huawei P30 pro macro shots (example photos)

Disclaimer: I wrote this article while being a Huawei Brand Ambassador, though, I am not paid for this particular piece of content.

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