Huawei P20 (pro) quick review: first impression of the camera and smartphone

This week I had the opportunity to go to Paris with Huawei and try their new P20 pro. A smartphone I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. Mainly because of the leaks on the internet, claiming there would be three lenses on this one. So, let’s have a first look at the Huawei P20 pro together.

In short, the Huawei P20 pro is the first triple lens smartphone. Providing you with an optical and hybrid zoom. And all of that with a whopping 40-megapixel sensor.

40 megapixel photo of the Huawei P20 pro

The camera specs

24mp front camera
40mp back camera
Leica triple camera
5x hybrid zoom
white balance detector
40m light fusion pixels
1.6 aperture
AIS optimization for handheld shots
4D predictive focus to capture moving images
960fps super slow motion

But what do all of these mean?

The 40MP back camera

40 megapixels is a lot. That’s even an understatement. This is huge! A RAW that big is around 70 to 80 megabytes big. This gives you plenty of room to play around with in Photoshop and Lightroom. It also allows you to crop in your photos, without losing too much quality.

Download my RAW-files with this camera and see their quality for yourself.

The 24MP front camera

This is big, for a front camera. Even for a back camera, I would say these specs are pretty good. So, what does this mean? You have more details on your selfies. Again, more options to process your photos to the way you want them to look.

Meet @jonathan_sommereyns, here he’s holding the new #HuaweiP20Pro. I used one to make this photo aswell. It’s a cool new device with a heavy focus on photography. For example the selfiecam Jonathan is using has 24mp. Which is more than enough. I’ll be making a more in depth view on my blog soon. So make sure to keep an on there! – #HuaweiP20 Pro – Check out my latest blog post on (or click the link in my bio) – #ig_photooftheday #igshots #Huawei #LeicaCamera #mobilephotography #phonephotography #smartphonephotography #smartphones #portrait #portrait_ig #portraitart #portraitoftheday #portraitphotography #portraits #portraiture #globetrotter #ig_travel #instapassport #roamtheplanet #travelpics #travelporn

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The Leica Triple Camera

The three lenses on the back all work together to give you the best images possible. This means more colors, better dynamic range, and more megapixels. The megapixels are nice, but not really that important. The reason I am so excited about the Huawei P20 pro is because of it’s impressive dynamic range.

5X hybrid zoom

If you zoom in on a regular smartphone, you’re actually making the existing pixels bigger. This is what we call a digital zoom. It’s something we really don’t like. On the Huawei P20 pro, we have the possibility to zoom without losing image quality. There is a 3x optical zoom and a 5x hybrid zoom. I don’t think you ever have to zoom even more.

A little disadvantage: this function only works on the 10-megapixel modus and not the 40 megapixels. Despite that, it still provides you with sharp and clear images.

The hardware specs of the Huawei P20 pro

5.1” FHD+ display
7.8mm width
IP67 rated (water and dust)
Colors: Black, midnight blue, twilight
6GB ram
128gb memory
4000 mAh battery
Fastest image recognition
Noise filtering for audio

This is only a quick first review of the Huawei P20 pro. I’ve been using it for less than 24 hours now. In the coming weeks, I will keep testing it, and I will make a new more extended review!

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Did you see the Huawei P20 (pro) already? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below.

Huawei P20 pro review

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