How to travel without knowing the destination

In a world where everything has to go according to plan, we often miss what’s right in front of us. So let’s talk about traveling without knowing the destination.

I once went to Prague, Lisbon, Dublin, and Rome. Not the most exotic cities. And cities that were not high on my wishlist. But because I let the tour operator surprise me, I went there.

The trips were amazing. Today, three years later, I still talk about those travel moments with the friends I was with.

The magic of destination unknown

Arriving at a foreign airport. Only knowing the hotel’s address, someone booked for you, and the time you have to get back to the airport.

Everything in between is a mystery. It will be more expensive than a thoroughly planned out trip, but the experience is priceless. Get out of your comfort zone!

I used to book my surprise trips. Though, I think they only operate from Belgium and the Netherlands.

In the United States, you have Packupgo, which seems like a nice company. There is also the that you can use.

If I missed any, let me know! 😇

When to go on a trip without knowing the destination

There are several moments that it can be nice to have a trip where you give away the control

Not knowing where to go

Sometimes you are just inspirational less; you don’t have an idea where to go like any. So, for your own comfort, let someone else decide!

You want to travel with friends but can’t settle on a destination

Instead of someone compromising or maybe not even going at all, you can give the decision out of your hands. Let someone else decide so you can focus on having a good time with friends.

Some tips & tricks when you travel with knowing your destination

But how do you do it? Traveling with knowing what to see, what to do, to eat, and drink?

1. Take a taxi or Uber

You’re not only faster in the city center, wasting less time on your precious trip. It can also give you valuable information. Just start asking questions to the chauffeur. This trick helped me figure out when to go out in Dublin as they have specific moments, apparently.

(It’s on Monday when all the weekend-personnel start their weekend. 😉)

2. Go by foot in the side

I once read a saying: You only get to know a city when you take its public transportation. And although it is true, I prefer to walk. By foot, you can stroll through small neighborhoods and little alleys. Much more interesting than the subway walls. On my last trips, I walked an average of 20 kilometers per day.

You might even stroll into tourist places. Seeing interesting spots that not too many other tourists see.

3. Buy roaming-data

What I want for smartphone photography in 2020

Yes, this might be a little more expensive, but it will help you find your way around town. Find historic hotspots or restaurants. It will also help you whenever you have an emergency. An alternative is regularly visiting McDonald’s, Starbucks, or Burger King as they offer free Wi-Fi.

4. Play PokemonGo 🤓

I wrote an article about PokemonGo being an amazing travel tool. But in short. It’s a big map with a lot of nice and smaller monuments pinned on it.

And you can catch Pokemon while exploring the real city.

So how do you book a trip without knowing the destination?

You have several options. I traveled with A travel agency that arranges everything for you. But you can ask one of your friends to book it for you. And in return, you can book for them!

Have you ever been on a city trip or travel without knowing the destination?

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