How to sleep well in a hostel-dorm and stay rested on your trip

Hostels are cheap, it’s easy to make friends there and you get to hear from other people’s experiences in the city. But how do you make sure you have a proper night’s sleep with your roommates walking around and talking to each other.

Research the location

Check the reviews on websites like or You can find more information about the kind of hostel you might stay at. It’s possible that it’s in the middle of the party-neighbourhood of the city. Great if you want to go out, not ideal if you are planning on getting plenty of sleep.

Consider a mask and earplugs

I don’t like the way they feel, so I try to avoid them as much as possible. I needed my earplugs only once in a hostel so far. Me, I’m an easy sleeper. I don’t get waked easily. But when a roommate brought home a girl, well let’s say I plugged my ears, and he plugged… yeah.

For the mask, I don’t get bothered by light. So whenever a roommate decides to keep reading when I want to sleep, it’s no issue for me. But I did wish I brought one when I was near Tromsø for two weeks. During summer, the sun does not set… ever! This fucks with your sleeping-pattern. Heavily!

If you know you are a sensitive sleeper, it might be good to bring these two items.

Introduce yourself to your roommates

Tell your name, make some smalltalk. I already made a list with tips to make friends in your hostelroom. How does this help? Well friends don’t wake friends when walking around in the room. Since they know your name and face, they will do more effort to be quiet. Although this might not be full-proof when your roommate is just a dickhead or blatantly in the unknown of their own sounds.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine

This one is obvious. Caffeine will keep you awake. Alcohol makes you sleep easier, but it’s not the good kind of sleep. You won’t actually be rested well enough the next day. So try to avoid that. Seems kind of hypocrite to write, since I love a local beer before hitting the hay.

Go crazy during the day

Tire yourself out by doing a lot of activities during the day. Exhaust yourself mentally in museums and physically by walking everywhere. That should make you go knock out at the end of the day.

Use the AC or a fan

What? What a weird solution! Well the thing is, these things make white noise. White noise is a wide array of frequencies. You don’t see how this works? Well, these frequencies help mask sounds that might irritate you. Like a loud breather, whispers or someone tapping on their smartphone screen. It will, however, not mask the sound of your stuff falling out of the bunkbed. So sorry for that!

Check-in early and pick a bed

Try to be the first in a room, so you can choose the bed. Pick the one furthest away from the door, so you don’t have them slamming shut next to your ear. That should help you not wake up screaming thinking WOIII has unleashed. Also the top bed is usually the best idea. People will not be walking around next to you, throwing around their stuff when they change outfit or try to pack at night.

Just ask someone to be quiet

Ask them to carry on the conversation outside. Or just to be a bit more gentle tapping on his laptop. You paid as much as them to be there. And also, if she/he hates you for it, you will never see that person again… probably. Usually they will understand, so don’t worry to much about speaking up. Don’t shout it at them tho.

What tips do you have to get a night sleep in a dorm room?

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One thought on “How to sleep well in a hostel-dorm and stay rested on your trip”

  1. Go to sleep early in the evening. You’ll be probably in a deep sleep when the first person comes back.

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