How To Make Friends in a Hostel

The best way to meet new people while traveling is obviously staying at a hostel, but even then it’s not all that easy. Some people don’t want to talk, some people do but ask more effort. So how do you go about it?

1. Read the hostel reviews

Often enough people mention their experiences in the reviews on the booking websites. Also their experience with their roommates. So if they have a bad experience, they will share it. Same goes for great experiences. Reading them will help you to pick a hostel where people are social.

2. Stay in the dorms

Staying in a hostel is not a complete solution. They have private rooms too, but they are not useful for the purpose of meeting people. I admit, it can be nice to just get to your room and not have to deal with anyone else. But that’s a blocking factor in meeting people.

(I recently stayed in one of those rooms in the Treck Hostel. But I was there with friends and not in the meeting-new-people-vibe.)

3. Talk with roommates

Actually talk to them. Don’t wait for them to make the move. Introduce yourself. Tell them your name and where you’re from. Also, ask them the same information. You will soon pick up more information to feed the conversation. “Oh Slovenia? How’s the beer there?”

4. Ask questions

Taking the previous step a bit further. Ask them questions about their stay. What did they see already? What can they recommend you? How long are they still staying? Are they going to a different place next? There! That’s already four questions you can ask them.

5. Persist but don’t annoy

Keep the conversation going. Maybe ask them to grab a bite together. But don’t overdo it. A no is a no. Or if they are hesitant, they might not want to. Always lead up to the questions with a proper conversation. And make sure it’s a socially accepted activity. Don’t ask to shower together!

6. Hang around in communal area’s

If you are like me and have to do some work on your laptop once a day, try to do it somewhere where people pass. Be open and don’t focus too much on your screen. Get work done, obviously, but also observe the people. Doing it in a public spot will help you start conversations.

What are your tips for a proper conversation-starter in hostels? Let me know in the comments below!

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