How to get more laptop-time out your battery during your flight / trip

A long flight, a trip into the bushes or maybe just a train ride without a place to charge your laptop. Sometimes you have to keep an eye the power usage of your laptop. But with these 7 tips, you will surely get the most out of your limited battery.

1. Activate battery safe mode

This a no-brainer, really.

2. Close unused and unnecessary software

Close software and programs you’re not using. They might not seem to use much, every little bit counts. Besides, they only slow down your computer. Making the little time you have even more valuable.

3. Disable unused devices

If you’re on a flight, you probably won’t have much room for an external mouse or keyboard anyway. So it’s best to disconnect them. Even if you leave them idle, they use power.

4. Disconnect external drives

If you have the files on your computer, it’s not necessary to leave this one connected. Don’t even plug it in, make sure to download the files your need before leaving to the airport. This way you won’t waste time and energy transferring those brilliant documents and photos.

5. Turn off Wifi and bluetooth

You’re on an airplane, so you should have turned them off anyway already. But if you didn’t, do it now. Especially when your laptop can’t find a router to connect, it will keep searching and wasting power.

6. Turn down the backlighting of your keyboard

In a well lit airplane you can find your keyboard easily. So using the backlights for your keyboard should not be necessary. So turn it down completely.

7. Turn down the brightness of your screen

Same goes for your screen. So turn it down to a low level. Working on a lower brightness will also make sure your nosy neighbours have less chance to see the words you’re typing.

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