My 4 tips on how to citytrip with only a backpack or small suitcase

I did a series of city trips with only a small backpack. A 29 liter The Northface Borealis to be exact. A skill I had to perfect. That is why I am writing this ‘how to city trip with only a backpack’ for you because I needed it.

I’ve been on a lot of city trips lately: Copenhagen, Berlin, Geneva, Prague, Lisbon, Rome, and Dublin. Next, to that they are all in Europe, there is another thing they have in common, my backpack

For my city trips, I use a The North Face Borealis or a Think Tank Airport Essentials Camera Backpack. Those two backpacks are plenty for trips up to 4 nights long.

1. Use the hotel toiletries

Traveling light means scrapping things that are non-essential. Unfortunately, soap and shampoo are essential. I try not to carry them with me and use the ones the hotel offers. Or, if you are staying in a hostel, buy one of their small travel kits.

Note: I do bring liquid for my contacts and try to carry my own toothpaste and brush.

2. Carry a second bag

Some airlines allow you to carry a secondary bag on the airplane. Something that fits under the seat in front of you. Use this opportunity to keep your valuables (like a laptop and camera if you are me) close to you. This can be a small backpack or tote bag. The latter might even make you look fashionable*.

*Do not listen to fashion tips from me.

3. Don’t bring towels, or use reusable ones

Hotels offer towels and even bring you fresh ones each day. If you are staying in a hostel, you might want to bring your own. Go to your sports or travel store and buy towels that dry instantly. I had some of those with me in Namibia. They are dry within a minute and you can reuse them a couple of times.

Note: Remember the part you dried your ass with.

4. Don’t bring any books or magazines

You are on a city trip. You should not have time to read those. Plus it saves you space. Instead of reading in bed at night, go out and make new friends. Desperately want to read on the airplane/airport? Download some books on your smartphone.

What are your tips for a city trip with only a backpack? Let me know in the comments!

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