The hostel packing checklist: A man’s printable checklist to what to pack when staying in a hostel

Having a hostel checklist is always handy! There are things you should bring to a hostel which other types of stay don’t require. Don’t worry though, all the items are easy to find and probably already in your possession. Let’s get started with what to pack when staying in a hostel!

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Essential things for hostel safety

  • A notebook with the important addresses
  • Add a first-aid to your bag
  • Fanny pack to keep your overnight stuff nearby in your bed
  • A padlock for your locker
  • A headlight (when you need to pack during the night)

Hostel packing checklist for hygiene

Toiletries travel sized

This one includes several items, all for your personal hygiene. All these items are available in travel sizes. So make sure to buy those and not the full-sized versions. This will help you to pack lighter, and get through airport security without issues.

  • Some form of soap: cause you will need to shower after all your adventures
  • A bit of shampoo: hostels don’t provide these, so make sure to bring some of your own.
  • Your toothbrush and toothpaste: I think this one speaks for itself.
  • A small deodorant: don’t go about your day all smelly!
  • Your favorite perfume: in case you arranged yourself a date.
  • A bottle of bug spray: unless you’re going somewhere cold, then you can skip this one.
  • A bottle of sunscreen: protect yourself from sunburn, it’s awful. Trust me!
  • Contact lenses and fluid: only if you have poor eyesight like me, obviously.

Extras for hygienic purposes

  • Flip-flops for the shower
  • Bring fast drying travel-towels
  • Sleeping bag liner in case of dodgy places
  • Bag for laundry

Hostel packing checklist for clothes

  • Clothes, for during the day
  • Clothes for during the night (for nocturnal toilet visits)

Hostel packing checklist for fun

  • A book or tablet
  • Closed headphones, don’t bother others with your show or music
  • Deck of cards to make friends

Hostel packing checklist miscellaneous

  • A bottle of water for in the morning
  • Packing Cubes
  • Sleep-aids you might need
  • Power adapters
  • A happy and open mind
  • Condoms
  • Ziploc bag for toiletry organization
  • A multi-charger

Tips for not overpacking

Overpacking happens fast. So here are some quick tips on how to avoid overpacking.

  • Share toiletries with friends if you are traveling in a group.
  • Limit the size of your bag, so you can’t bring too much.
  • Bring clothes you can combine easily, so you don’t have to bring so many.
  • Don’t pack things you can buy at a local supermarket (like food or drinks).
  • Don’t pack things you don’t need. Duh!

Download the free and printable Men’s travel packing checklist here:

Download the free and printable Men’s travel packing checklist here:

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Example of the checklist:

What’s on your hostel packing list that is missing here? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: There is none, I just really wanted to write this piece of content for you. <3

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