Here is what I’m packing for my trip to Mars

I caught myself thinking recently: What is the future op travel(blogging)? Are we going to remote places? Are we going to talk about sustainability? Or are we moving to other planets?

The planet that seems most likely at this moment is definitely Mars. NASA is currently planning on sending people there to start colonies. They even selected the lucky bastard already. I can’t deny I’m a bit jealous of them and I hope they all arrive without too many hiccups.

But as a travelblogger… how would I go about it? So that’s why I decided to write this hypothetical “What’s in my bag?”.

For the flight

It’s a long flight. If you think being on a plane for 12 hours is long, try seven months! That’s a lot of naps. Way too many times standing up for the person that needs to go to the bathroom. And let’s just hope there is no baby that cries the whole time!

So as for any long flight I’d pack magazines. Loads of magazines! I would consider buying an extra ticket so I can bring an extra carry-on.

I will also download the entire Netflix-catalogue to my smartphone. Or at least as much as possible. That is, if they don’t have free Wi-Fi onboard. Let’s hope they do.

As I’m going to sit for 7 months I will bring a cushion to get some rest. I usually don’t bring one, but now it’s ridiculous not to. I will also just wear joggings in public for the first time. I want to be comfortable, so people will hopefully understand.

Upon arrival

I think that I will arrive to a barren location. No hotels, no hostels, no AirBnB. So I’m thinking about bringing a tent. Just a one-second tent. Be done with it immediately, because I will probably help with building more permanent shelters. So the tent is just a temporary solution.

I don’t think I can survive the trip without a camera. I don’t think there are a lot of landscape photos from Mars yet, so I want to use that unique location. Making landscapes and portraits of unique people and places. That should boost my portfolio.

I got to bring my smartphone, without a doubt. I need to be the first to check-in on Mars on Swarm and Facebook. My friends will be so jealous! I’m not a huge selfie-taker, but I think this time I will make a couple to post on my social media.

Oh, and I have to WhatsApp my mother I arrived safely. She will have been expecting that message for seven months. Better send it immediately.


What do you think I’m forgetting? Let me know in the comments!

This is what you are packing

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