My Goals for 2019

A new year demands for new goals. Or old goals with a higher target. In this post I like to pin myself to these following goals. So you can tell me and ask me throughout the year if I’m working hard enough.

Please let me know your goals too, so we can all help each other in achieving them!

My Personal goals of 2019

Photo by By Hayk Mikaelyan

Making goals for your work and stuff is great, but I find it important too to make personal goals. How I grow as a person influences my work too.

Keep meeting new people

This was a goal in 2018, and I want to keep it as a goal in 2019 too. It’s important to meet new people. New people mean new experiences and new ideas. I find this is an important aspect of developing yourself as a person.

Network more with other bloggers and photographers

I find that I have few friends who do the same things as I do. I love my friends, mainly because they are so completely different than what I do. However, knowing some people that do the same thing, helps me improve in my craft. So maybe I should put some focus on that too.

My Photography goals of 2019

Smartphone photography is everywhere

Since last year, my job is being a fulltime photographer. I think it’s only normal that I add this as an aspect of things I would love to improve in the coming year.

Do some prints

I don’t necessarily want to sell the prints. I just think it’s time I make some prints for myself and friends. Photos that I treasure a lot. Photos I can hang in my own little office. Friends of mine have been asking me to do prints for them, so maybe it’s time to finally get into it.

Quick plug: if you would like to have a print of one of my photos, ask me at

Regularly give smartphone photography workshops

I’ve been doing a couple already. Companies that ask me to teach their marketing department some tricks they use for social media photos and stuff like that. I love to help companies do good marketing. Either by doing the photography for them, helping them with content, or just by teaching them how to make proper photos themselves.

I’m also thinking about doing the smartphone photography workshop for people that are just interested in it. It’s just all a lot of figuring out. Which I will do in 2019!

Interested in participating or booking a smartphone photography workshop? Drop me an email at

My Blog goals of 2019

Being a huge part of my life, the blog has to get some goals too.

Double my amount of pageviews again

Same goals as last year. I’m aiming to get a double amount of pageviews on my website. I hope I achieve this goal as easy as last year. But we’ll see ofcourse. You never know what happens.

Earn a bit of income of my blog

I’m already monetising my blog a bit. I have ads on here, as you can clearly see. And here and there I have some affiliate links. I do go on press trips, but I’ve never had any money for it. Not that that’s necessary. I just want to start a bit of income via my blog one way or another. Without bothering you, the reader. <3

My Travel goals of 2019

I’m often writing and photographing travel related content. So adding a part about travel in my goals isn’t that far fetched.

Visit 3 new countries

A goal to visit new countries is so much fun. I’m adding 1 more country to last years goal, just to make sure I keep pushing my limits.

Visit 5 new cities

As fun as collecting countries is. It’s not actually that important. You have loads of travelers and bloggers boasting about the amount of countries they visited. But it’s not really something that should matter. I’d rather go exploring a bit deeper. Visit new regions in countries I already visited. That’s why I’m also adding cities to this goal. New cities in countries I’ve already visited.

So, what are your goals in 2019? Let me know in the comments below!

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