9 Fun Facts about the Wad Sea Islands

The Wad Sea Islands, it sounds like a faraway place for a lot of people. What if I tell you they are located just of the coast of The Netherlands. A series of islands in the European North Sea. Discover these fun facts about the Wad Sea islands.

The Wad Sea islands, or the Frisian Islands, are found just above the Netherlands. Only a few kilometers into the sea. For a lot of people, they might not instantly ring a bell, but there is a lot to learn about these islands. Let’s get into that!

If you’re not sure yet what to expect from the Wad Sea Islands, these 30 photos of the adventurous Frisian Islands can help you.

Fun fact 1: The Wadden Sea is located at the coasts of the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark. They all work together to protect the area.

Fun fact 2: Since 2009 it’s a UNESCO World heritage site

Fun fact 3: You can find 5000 different species of animals and plants in the Wad Sea: Seals, porpoises, …

Thinking about going to the Wad Sea Islands? Discover this 4-day itinerary!

Fun fact 4: Wad comes from the Dutch word for mudflat.

Fun fact 5: Schiermonnikoog is voted prettiest place in the Netherlands by the Dutch people.

Fun fact 6: There are 9000 sheep living on Texel

Convinced about the beauty of the Wad Sea Islands? Experience adventure on the Frisian Islands too!

Fun fact 7: The island is 25km long and 8km wide and has 140km of cycle paths.

Fun fact 8: On Terschelling, you will find a lot of products based on cranberries.

Fun fact 9: All 5 islands in the Dutch Wad Sea receive over 2 million visitors each year. They also have 105km of beaches combined.

What’s your favorite fun fact about the Wad Sea Islands? Let me know in the comments below!


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