Fjällbacka: One of Sweden’s most amazing sunset hotspots

Fjällbacka view

There are few things so common and yet so special as a sunset (or a sunrise). Yet we tend to forget about that special moment every day.

That is until there is a stunning sunset in your hometown and all of a sudden Instagram is flooded with pictures of it.

Those amazing ones don’t happen daily, or even weekly. However, I found a spot in Sweden where the sky seems to burn on a daily basis. Meet Fjällbacka.


Fjällbacka is a little town at the western seaside of Sweden. There aren’t that many people that live there, but in the summer it becomes a tourist hotspot.

People from all over the country come over to enjoy the islands off the coast of Fjällbacka and visit the hometown of famous writer Camilla Läckberg. But even in autumn (when I visited), the view at the town is amazing.

Near the center, you can find a series of stairs climbing up a rocky hill. It’s easily accessible and doesn’t require any special shoes or clothes. On top of the rock, you can walk around as you please to look for the perfect view.

Want to look at the sun setting over the sea, the islands, and Fjällbacka? You can. Or maybe watching the last rays of light hitting the surrounding villages inland is more your thing. Well, even that’s possible. On top of the rock, you have a 360° view.

The ideal spot to watch the sunset

I made a little detour for this town on my recent Sweden trip and it was worth every extra kilometer. It’s a couple of kilometers south of the Swedish border with Norway.

When planning your trip there I can recommend you to research the exact hour the sun will set. Come an hour earlier than that, so you have the full experience.

Don’t know how to find the exact moment the sun sets? Just type the date you are planning on going and the location in Google. It will tell you the exact minute the sun hits the horizon.

For example: “sunset Fjällbacka November 1st”.

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