February 2019 overview in photos, travel, and beers

It felt like February flew by. It felt like I wrote that overview for January just yesterday. Oh well, here is my overview of February 2019 another month with firsts!

On the first I ended my trip in Spain I talked about in the January overview. A short day in Alicante and then I hopped on the airplane back home. The next day I did the first DJ practice session with Fons. We are doing this all around commercial DJ duo. More about that one day!

The next day I left for London with the people of Huawei Belgium. We checked-in in our hotel and left for a spectacular dinner at SushiSamba in Covent Garden. The food there is mind-blowing and delicious!

The next day I roamed around London, visited the National History Museum, walked around Hyde Park, and dressed up fancy for the evening to come. That evening I had the honor to join Huawei in the premiere of their Mate 20 Pro AI finished Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony.

The next day I walked around the British Museum and unfortunately had to take the train back home again. Where I met up with my girlfriend in Ghent. Together we made a calendar for her. She loves to have one in her bedroom and this time she wanted one with my photos on it.

Then I had a housewarming with delicious waffles, did some DJing with Fons again and went to my second classical music concert. This time of the Studio Ghibli soundtracks.

Valentin flowers for the girlfriend

I then gave a smartphone photography workshop for the volunteers at Gekkoo. The next day I went to the tryouts of Alex Agnew’s new comedy show in the infamous comedy cafe The Joker. I had my monthly burger date with my girlfriend, this time at Uncle Babe’s in Ghent.

British Museum in London

I finally had my visit to the barber, did a studio shoot with a client I know for a very long time now, went to work on a project in a coffee bar and finally finished my month.

Now that I look back at it, February was short but intens!

Travel overview of Februari 2019:

Countries visited: Spain, Belgium, UK

Cities visited: Alicante, Ghent, Antwerp, London

Flights taken: Alicante to Charleroi

Highlights: Schubert Unfinished Symphony

Firsts in February 2019

  • Visiting Alicante
  • Eating at SushiSamba
  • Going to a Classical Concert (Schubert and Ghibli)
  • Seeing a wild fox run around the city of Brussels
  • Eating at Uncle Babe’s

Beers drank in February 2019

  • Blonde Bie by Brouwerij de Bie
  • De Bie Vélo by Brouwerij de Bie
  • Peroni Nastro Azzurro by Birra Peroni
  • Great Eastern India Pale Ale by Redchurch Brewery
  • Hikari by Hao Beer
  • Léopold 7 by Brasserie de Marsinne
  • Barbar by Brasserie Lefebvre
  • Super 8 IPA by Brouwerij Haacht Brasserie
  • Hellegat Winter by De Klem
  • Roadie by Signature Brew
  • Brusseleir by Brasserie de la Senne
Signature Brew roadie IPA
Signature Brew roadie IPA

Notable Social Media posts

My photo collection about the African Wild Dogs devouring a small impala did very good on Facebook this month.

My overview of my Spain trip did pretty good on Twitter too.

My Koblenz photo at Deutsches Eck did very good on Instagram.

Interesting articles in Februari 2019

What were you up to this past month?

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