Where to experience amazing nature and landscapes in The Netherlands

I recently fell in love with the nature in the Netherlands. Before this, I supposed tulips and agriculture made up most of the countries landscapes. Luckily, I was proven wrong. Discover the beautiful nature in the Netherlands!

Disclaimer: I haven’t been everywhere in the Netherlands… yet. So come back for updates soon!

Gorsselse Heide – Gelderland: harsh nature in The Netherlands

A landscape with loads of variation. You can find woodland parts with mushrooms covering the ground.  Or maybe you’re more into the small ponds with bridges? The heide (heath) brings you a warm feeling with it’s yellow and brown tones.

Tip: if you’re going in winter, bring a warm coat! The wind can be really cold and even painful.

Grenslandpark de Zoom – Noord Brabant: border nature in The Netherlands

The entrance to this one is actually in Belgium, but the domain is partly in the Netherlands. It’s a unique landscape covering heath, woods, dunes, and ponds. There are several ways to discover this large landscape via the walking routes. At the entrances, you can find a board with the walks and their length. It’s not the easiest domain to walk through, so choose wisely. 😉

Read more about this domain in my blog post about the Heath of Kalmthout.

Deelerwoud – Gelderland: walking nature in The Netherlands

Oh boy, do I love this one. I read about this one online. In the article, they said it was hard to take a walk there and not see any animals. I was a bit skeptical at first, but soon got proven wrong. In the Deelerwoud you can find deer, boards, and Scottish Highlanders (fluffy hairy bovines).

It’s not that hard to get near the animals, but I do suggest you keep enough distance. Respect the animals!

Lemelerberg – Overrijsel: humbling nature in The Netherlands

This is a beautiful area to walk in. You have hills that give you vantages points and woods that feel ancient. The trees in this park are huge. It’s humbling walk there!


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