Essential websites and apps for my travels

I’m a digital traveller, meaning I am almost always connected to home through the internet. These days that’s not so special. But also for documenting and planning my trip, I use the internet. So that’s why I decided to sum up my web-essentials for travellers.

1. Hostelworld

As you might know, I love staying in hostels. It’s more fun than staying in a hotelroom alone. You meet new people and can travel on a budget. Which means you can travel more often! The best place for me to book a hostel, is You get honest reviews, great prices and a handy overview.

2. Google trip

An app to help you get the basic information. I don’t like to research my trips too much. I sometimes even don’t do it. But with Google Trip you get the most basic essentials. How much do you tip in restaurants? And Google wouldn’t be Google if they didn’t show the things they know you will like.

3. Untappd

This might only be useful if you’re a beerlover and love to keep track of your consumption. This app has almost every beer in the world, and you can just check them in. To make it even more fun, there is a gamification part with badges. Cheers!

4. Swarm

What Untappd is for beers, Swarm is for locations. I use this app to keep track of where I was, in what order and at what times. It’s handy for future references or for writing blogposts for you!

5. Uber

I don’t like to take public transportation. Not because I think it’s not good enough for me, but just because it frustrates me if I can’t figure it out or if it is bad. Especially in Belgium it’s bad, so maybe I need to accept it’s just us. So I usually walk around town. But travelling from the airport to the hostel at the beginning of a trip can be challenging. So that’s when I fire up my Uber-app and get a cab.

6. Tinder

It’s actually not an essential. I just like to know what the local people look like, and Tinder helps for that. I have swiped a lot of broads abroad though (had to make that pun). But I never dated anyone. I always ask them for tips. Who better to ask for tips than a local?

7. Maps

Walking around also means getting lost. Sometimes I do it on purpose, other times I don’t. But with Maps you can always find your way back home, or to your next stop. I can’t imagine travelling without this app.

8. Udemy

This is not really essential to travelling. But when waiting at the airport or train station, you often have time to kill. Also on the airplane or train, there is not much to do. So with Udemy I download my courses and watch them offline. So I travel and study at the same time! Great combination if you ask me!

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What are your web-essentials when travelling.

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