Eroica Limburg Festival: For cycling heroes and legends

When you do everything by foot or by bike, it’s fun to have a moment where you can just sit down and watch others do the hard work. And that is exactly what I did at the Eroica festival in Limburg past weekend.

What is an Eroica?

It’s a heroic bike-tour done on vintage bikes. Think of the entire weekend as a travel to the 50’s. People dress up in old timey clothes and ride on bikes that you won’t see in the Tour de France coming weeks. This all makes for a lovely atmosphere. On top of that, it’s in the friendliest region of the Netherlands: Limburg. A must visit for bike-fanatics.

In Limburg?

Limburg in the Netherlands, not in Belgium. But hey, the region spans over three countries, and the race goes through two. You have three different routes to choose from: 60, 100 and 160 kilometres. Everyone can join. So if you decide to join next year: All routes are super beautiful and scenic, just choose the distance you know you can handle.

Scenic tours? Yeah! Limburg is one of the most beautiful regions in the Netherlands. There are tall hills which give you an overview of the landscapes, fun little houses and farms, endless fields and some breweries.

Brand Brewery

Brand, which is one of the sponsors, has a stop during the race. Because cycling-culture in Belgium and the Netherlands involves a beer-break. So riders can choose from a couple of different beers to enjoy while eating a sandwich. You’d almost get jealous of them. But then you remember the tremendous effort they have to make that day. Anyway, at the festival in Valkenburg there are plenty of beers by Brand too, so you can just hang around there. Effortless.

If you’re not into racing (however it’s not really a race), you can always just take your bike to Limburg any day of the year and enjoy the region on your own. But that’s a blogpost for later.

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