The most delicious places to eat hamburgers in Ghent

Oh, hamburgers, a joy to the mouth and eyes. So, what are the best places in to eat a good hamburger in Ghent to find them? In this blog post, I create a list of the best ones the city has to offer.

Jilles Beer & Burgers: Beer and hamburgers in Ghent

This one is near the famous nightlife street of Ghent, not too far from the city center. This burger restaurant collaborates with one of Belgium’s most famous zythologists (beer connoisseurs). This way you will have the perfect beer to go along with your hamburger.

You can find Jilles Beer & Burgers at Tentoonstellingslaan 165, 9000 Gent

Uncle Babe’s: Cocktails and hamburgers in Ghent

Are you more into cocktails? Then Uncle Babe’s is ideal for you. They have great gourmet burgers and an awesome cocktail list. On the menu, you can find the classics, their own creations, and… they have great cheesecake!

Find Uncle Babe’s at Sluizekenstraat 2, 9000 Gent

Greenway: Vegetarian hamburgers in Ghent

But what if you want a burger but don’t eat meat? Greenway is a restaurant (chain) that specializes in vegetarian burgers. You are sure to find something to your taste, meat-eater or not.

Find Greenway in Ghent at Nederkouter 42, 9000 Gent

Wasbar: Bagelburgers in Ghent

Technically, this is not a hamburger restaurant. It’s a laundromat turned bar, turned restaurant. So while you do your laundry, or work on your laptop with a coffee, make sure to order a bagel burger. They are delicious and come with the best potato waffles. Something you need to eat to understand!

Find Wasbar in Ghent at Korenmarkt 37, 9000 Gent

Where are you going for great hamburgers in Ghent?

Disclaimer: In this article are some affiliate links. This means that, if you buy or book something, I get a small percentage of the fee. This comes with no extra cost to you but helps me run this website.

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