Day 6 – Alkmaar to Texel: We made it!

The last sprint, we were ready for it. Today was the day we had to ride next to the sea, through the dunes and finally had to take the boat to our goal: Texel. So full of spirit we hopped on our bikes.

But first a quick stop at the grocery store. An older man notices my airpump at the register and mentions it. So I explain him what me and my friend were doing. “All the way from Antwerp? Wauw!” and he walked of.

Hard and easy

All in all it was an easy route. Not that many headwinds, only one road-obstacle forcing us to make a detour and only a few tourists blocking our ways. So when we arrived at Calantsoog, a little town, we were happy we made so much progress so early already. As a celebration we had a hamburger and, you’ve guessed it, a beer.

Into the dunes

As we digested our meal, we hopped back on our bikes. The rest of our route was next to the sea. And there wasn’t that much wind. So through the dunes, next to the sea. It all went very easily.

Especially considering I had done this before and failed. When I was 8 or 9 years old, my parents took me there. We had our bikes with us and decided to go through the dunes, but for me they were like mountains. But my fear was unnecessary, it was a lot easier than I remembered.

Boat ho!

What felt too early, we saw the boat. This trip was easier than we thought! We went to the terminal, bought the tickets and hopped on. Enjoying the sea, not sitting on our bikes and the goal right under our nose.

Majestically flying over the Wadden-sea. It took a lot of tries to capture one of them on photo.

Een bericht gedeeld door Fredography ? (@fredpaulussen) op

We rolled of the boat and celebrated our arrival. But then we remembered we still had to go a bit further. To the center of the island where our hostel was. Lucky for us, it’s not that big of an island.


Check-in, food and… beers

We checked-in at the Stayokay hostel Texel, I had an accidental quick nap, and we got introduced to our roommate, Wim.

Translation: I’m pretty sure my roommate thinks my name is Fritz.

After all that we went into “town” and had a meal at ‘De Steenenplaats‘. One of the, surprisingly, many places to eat. And me and Fons wouldn’t be us if we didn’t go for a beer afterwards. In ‘De Slock‘ we didn’t expect to find much special or unique beers. We were so wrong! They had plenty of different beers for us to try. And thus we began.

The last day

After our night at the hostel and our amazing breakfast, we had time for one more stop. There is plenty to do on the island, but we decided to visit the brewery. But though luck, the tour just departed and we couldn’t wait for the next one. So we decided to have just the tasting-plank and take our boat back to the mainland. After a ride on the train we finally arrived back home. Sad all this had ended already.

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  1. Nice! Next time bike the eastern part of the Netherlands ending up at Terschelling! 🙂

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