Day 5 – Amsterdam to Alkmaar: Cow you doing?

With two out of three days that were a challenge, I was not at ease to start this one. I thought there would be a lot of wind and cold during the entire 60 kilometers.

And the first hours proved me right. There wasn’t that much wind, but it was a cold wind. We both cursed a lot and questioned our forgetfulness. Why didn’t we bring any gloves?

Moments like these…


After a while the weather started to change. It became sunny and the wind was gone. Perfection! The landscape was becoming more Dutch every 100 meters we passed. Windmills, little houses, open fields, cows, … . So, we decided to have a break and take it all in. At a very random place. Near a field of cows.

I actually was very close to the cows. I could almost touch them. But I decided to photograph them instead. They were almost posing for me. Me and the cows shared a moment, but then the farmer and his dog came and brought them all in.


Alkmaar, home of cheese… and beer?

Upon arrival in Alkmaar we decided to leave our very dark room and go into town. The city centre is not that big, so after 2 hours we were all the way through it. A large steak at ‘Steak‘ and we were ready for bed. Until we discovered a beer bar. And you know me (and Fons by now)… . We hopped in and started tasting beers.

This one I decided not to try:

Small but beautiful

There is not that much to do in Alkmaar, but it’s still a beautiful town to walk through. Canals, old houses, a huge church and a modern library. Perfect for an evening stroll.


A photo I made in Alkmaar, one of the cheese cities of the Netherlands. Oh, they also have a great beer-bar!

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