Day 2 – Rotterdam, Gouda and Utrecht: Easy riding

After a night in the comfortable beds of Bastion Hotel Rotterdam Zuid, I was not too well rested. My muscles kept me up all night. Luckily breakfast helped to lift my spirits. Bacon always helps with that! And of we went again.

Let’s tourist first

When in Rotterdam… well visit the cube houses and the markthal. So we did. An amazing view for people who love art, architecture and modern aesthetics. You can visit one of the cube houses. Discover more practical information on the holland website.

One last coffee in the markthal and we departed again. From Rotterdam we made our way to Gouda. A route that took us past waterways and bridges. As you would expect in the Netherlands.

We also encountered this funny bridge.

Translation of the bridgename: Breastbridge.

City of Cheese

Gouda is probably most famous for their cheese. It’s not really a big town. So after an hour of walking around, we decided we had seen most of it and should start looking for a place to lunch. And so we did. When the waiter suggested we should try ‘dikke tettenbier’ (big boobies beer), we agreed. The second of many Dutch beers to come.

Find the entire list of Dutch beers I tried here.

The first night in a hostel

Then from Gouda back on the bikes and to Utrecht. A trip where we turned the music on for the very first time. But it didn’t last long, as we loved the silence and the talks more. Finishing our 72 kilometres of that day, we felt motivated again. This day was not as hard as yesterday. So we worked our way through Utrecht to our hostel and checked-in. Going for a quick KFC and to bed. Where we slept perfectly in our bunkbed.

Read more about my roadtrip through the Netherlands:

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