Coffeebars in Antwerp with free Wi-Fi for the digital traveller

There is nothing I enjoy more than a good coffee while writing blogposts and answering e-mails. So working at a coffeebar for me is heaven. And I don’t mean serving the people, but getting served. But in a lot of places the WiFi isn’t great. Or the coffee isn’t. So I compiled a list of great places in Antwerp to drink coffee and work on your laptop.

Antwich: Paardenmarkt 76

A fun sandwich-bar with great coffee. They are located on the Paardenmarkt in the northern part of Antwerp. As it’s close to the university, you will find a lot of students coming for their lunch during noon. During the other hours, it’s a fun place to sit around and work. Say hi to the Stephanie (the nice lady that serves you) for me!

WiFi-Speed: Solid 4,5/5

Wasbar ‘t Zuid: Graaf van Egmontstraat 5

Located in the famous Zuid neighbourhood of Antwerp. This place is great if you also want to do your laundry. Wasbar literally means washing-bar. So put in your laundry and enjoy the free WiFi and tasty coffee and bagels.

WiFi-Speed: 3/5

Tartoer: Korte Koepoortstraat 2

In the centre near the Groenplaats. The perfect place to work if you want to get some work in before you have to be somewhere to meet or see someone. The staff is super friendly and they have tasty coffees and refreshing cold beverages. Ask them what cakes and pies they offer, as this changes constantly.

Wifi-Speed: 4/5

Glow: Melkmarkt 40

If you’re into salads and are looking for a place to have a big lunch, I suggest you go to Glow. It’s near the Groenplaats and there is plenty of room to sit. In the photo you see the size of their salads, so don’t order one unless you are really hungry! Oh, and take the one with avocado, it’s delicious!


This place is usually filled with people working on their laptops or having micro-meetings. The ideal place to network. Here you will find super fast internet, so if you have to work on bigger files, I suggest going there. They don’t offer much food, but they make it up with some of the best coffee. This place has made it’s name for years in Antwerp.

WiFi-Speed: Perfection with 5/5

What coffeeplace in Antwerp do you recommend me?

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