5 tips to travel on the cheap: Internet edition

Travelling can be expensive. Especially in these modern days where you want to stay connected with your friends 24/7 en be able to forward those annoying work e-mails. But there are ways to save money. In this blogpost I love to share you 5 tips for saving on internet and mobile data while travelling. Read more

5 tips to travel on the cheap: Transportation

Planning your next trip and looking for ways to save money? I’m doing a series of blogposts about ways to travel on the cheap. Because saving money on your trip, gets you closers to your next trip. In this blogpost I will tell you about my 5 tips to save some bucks on transportation. Read more

My 4 tips on how to citytrip with only a backpack or small suitcase

I’ve been on a lot of citytrips lately: Copenhagen, Berlin, Geneva, Prague, Lisbon, Rome and Dublin. Next to that they are all in Europe, there is another thing they have in common. I did them all with only a small backpack. A 29 liter The Northface Borealis to be exact. A skill I had to perfect. That is why I am writing this ‘how to citytrip with only a backpack’ for you, because I needed it. Read more