5 essentials before you go on your next road trip

Going roadtripping is an amazing idea in the summer. Take your car, a couple of friends and go out. Bring a tent, book some hostels, or don’t plan anything and just figure it out as you go. But anyway, before you leave, do these 5 things to make sure you can enjoy your time on the road. Read more

The ultimate checklist for your citytrip-luggage

Going on a citytrip is so much fun, but packing always seems such a challenge. Do I have everything? Why isn’t it all going in my suitcase or bag? Do I really need that much underwear?

Because I struggle with those questions too, I made a list of how I pack my luggage for a citytrip. This means this should all fit in a small suitcase and rucksack that you can take with you in the cabin. That is why some things might not seem optimal, like a towel for every two days, instead of everyday, but sometimes you have to choose. Read more

How to get more laptop-time out your battery during your flight / trip

A long flight, a trip into the bushes or maybe just a train ride without a place to charge your laptop. Sometimes you have to keep an eye the power usage of your laptop. But with these 7 tips, you will surely get the most out of your limited battery. Read more

7 tips to get you through airport security with a smile

Flying is probably one of the most mind-blowing experiences. Even if you are a regular flyer. We have transportation possibilities that can get you anywhere on this world within 48 hours. But how mind boggling it is, it can really be a pain in the *ss to get through security. These 7 tips will definitely help you make it more pleasant.

Read more