How to edit your smartphone photos (on a Huawei P10)

Although I export my smartphone photo’s to my laptop’s Lightroom from time to time, most of the post-processing I do is usually on my smartphone. That’s really not that strange. You make the photo’s with your smartphone to have them consumed on another smartphone. So why add extra devices to that process? Read more

Smartphone filters review: A tool to help you make awesome photo’s

As I’ve written earlier, I like doing smartphone photography and I have many extra accessories to get the most out of my smartphone and its photos. One of the things I always have in my bags is a set of filters. Let’s talk about them some more. Read more

Huawei P10 photography review

I recently needed a new smartphone. My previous one was already celebrating his second birthday and started to get slow. So I started looking. One of the most important aspects on a phone for me is the camera. Obviously! So I landed on the Huawei P10. And now, after using it for 1,5 months, I feel comfortable reviewing it. Read more