The best Instagram hashtags for your visit to the Wad Sea Islands

In the Netherlands, you can find a couple of small islands just of their northern coast. The Wad Sea Islands, or the Frisian Islands, is an adventure filled place that will provide you with lots of Instagram photos to post. Read more

Take off and land an airplane yourself at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands

As a traveler, you often find yourself in an airplane. Whether you like the experience or not: it is the best and fastest way to get from point A to point B. One of the things I always wanted to do was sit in the cockpit. I was surprised when I got in one and even was allowed to take control. Of a flight simulator that was! Read more

Wadden Islands: a 4-day itinerary to the Dutch islands

For most people in Belgium and the Netherlands, the Wadden islands are kind of mythical. Most of us know about their existence, but never actually get a good understanding of what the islands are all about. I did a 4-day trip to discover the essence of the Wadden Islands. Read more

Gelderland roadtrip 3 days itinerary

Recently I went on a road trip with A fun experience: unexpected and to a lesser known place. Gelderland is a huge province in the Netherlands, but for Belgians, it’s not a very well known place. I am more than happy I finally got to visit this region, as there are beautiful nature domains to discover. In no way we had to idea it would be a Gelderland road trip.
Read more

7 Essential Dutch words to use while traveling the Netherlands

Traveling to the Netherlands is always a challenge. Even as a Belgian speaking the same language, it can be hard to express ourselves. Different words and different accents often confuse us. So with a couple of words you can get a long way. Doesn’t matter what your native tongue is. Read more