Background images for your smartphone made with mine (Huawei P10)

Past couple of months I’ve been going around Belgium (and beyond) to photograph a lot of my favorite places. I usually bring my camera to do so. Sometimes I still grab a smartphone to get the shot.

I challenged myself once to make photo’s for two weeks with only my Huawei P10. I did some photography with my smartphone while I made long exposure photo’s with my Nikon. Just to pass the time. Or I just carried my smartphone around when I did not have a camera with me.

All this resulted in a pile of photos. A big amount even. So I went through them all and started selecting them. Some I post on Instagram, some I use in blog posts, others I never use at all.

I soon noticed I used a lot of them as backgrounds for my own smartphone. And so the idea grew to make a little collection of these for you to download. I remember this being a huge marketing thing back in the early days of the internet. Companies gave away branded screensavers on their website. Something you don’t see that often anymore.

So all that being said: I’m giving away some screen backgrounds for your smartphone made with my smartphone.

How do you get them? Well, you just subscribe to my newsletter and I promise to not misuse your address. Sounds like an awesome deal? It is!

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