5 tips to travel on the cheap: Internet edition

Travelling can be expensive. Especially in these modern days where you want to stay connected with your friends 24/7 en be able to forward those annoying work e-mails. But there are ways to save money. In this blogpost I love to share you 5 tips for saving on internet and mobile data while travelling. Read more

5 tips to travel on the cheap: Transportation

Planning your next trip and looking for ways to save money? I’m doing a series of blogposts about ways to travel on the cheap. Because saving money on your trip, gets you closers to your next trip. In this blogpost I will tell you about my 5 tips to save some bucks on transportation. Read more

Holdin On remixed by Polar Sun out now!

If you follow me and this blog for a while, you will know I also love to make music. Sometimes I get the chance to release my own music or make a remix. Like my own Caribou EP or the more recent JFunc remix.

This time I made another remix for Silhouette Recordings. The record label of l’Equipe du Son, an Amsterdam based Disco producer. He asked me to do a remix for Phonc aka Remko Verweij. Another Dutch disco and house producer.

This is what the label has to say:

“When a producer’s bio states ‘he began producing with an Atari’, you know he probably knows his shit. These days he’s running his own studio engineering company so we’re dealing with the real McCoy.

Phonc is one of the monikers of Dutch producer Remko Verweij and we’re very glad he decided to release his latest production ‘Holdin on’ with us!

‘Holdin’ on’ is a funky bass driven dancefloor filler with catchy hooks and toms blasting out your speakers. Remixes are provided by the disco dominator from Spain, James Rod and Belgian blog champion Polar Sun!”

Coming up for Polar Sun

For me, as Polar Sun, this is just the start of 2017. There is plenty of things coming up for me. More originals, remixes, mixtapes and gigs.

  • Perron zes: I will feature a mixtape and original track on this platform for young and upcoming artists. You will find more on this blog and my social media once it is all done. Both the remix and the track will be available as downloads.
  • Thursdays at Mad Tiger: Here I will host the entire night. There will be music curated by me and a live DJ-set. Come by on 09/03/2017 at De Kruitfabriek in Vilvoorde.
  • The Exclusive Cocktailnight: As the name suggests, it’s exclusive. And with cocktails. Lots and lots of cocktails. Anyhow, the concept: Two bartenders, six kinds of cocktails and one DJ. A small gig I am very much looking forward to.

Buy Phonc – Holdin On (and remixes) online

Stream Holdin On (Polar Sun remix)

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3 awesome Instagram hacks for the busy photographer

Being active on Instagram on top of your hobby/job as a photographer is hard. It’s time and energy consuming. That’s why I use tools for some tasks. To make my life easier and manage my Instagram properly. Here are my 3 favorite tools.

Schedule with Buffer

If you’re like me, you like to bulk some tasks. Like my Instagram publishing. In the weekend I browse through my photos and pick which to publish the coming week. I usually do this on a Sunday as this is the ultimate relaxation for me. With Buffer I can schedule the photo, add a caption and decide what hashtags to use. When the time is right, I get a push notification on my phone. I only have to spend 30 seconds then, and my photo is published. Easy peasy.

I also use Buffer for my Facebookpages and Twitter. Try it out!

Use IFTTT to boost your photos

Getting followers, likes and comments is probably the hardest part on Instagram. Apart from using the right hashtags, there is a lot more you can do to boost your reach. Using IFTTT for example. It’s a database of scripts/recipes you can use to automate things on the internet.

There are online recipes to help you distribute your Instagram-photo. Although it won’t always be as a link to you Instagram, it does help you get your photography out there.

Analyse and manage with Iconosquare

This is a great tool to help you with a lot of tasks. It helps you find the perfect time to post. It analyses your hashtag use. And the thing I like the most: the comment tracker. It lists all comments on your 5 most recent photos. I try to comment on all comments. Let people know I’m thankful for their comment and keep the conversation going.

Get 20% off of your first purchase!

What tools are you using?

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