My August 2018 summarized in Smartphone photos (Huawei P20 pro + VSCO cam)


August felt like it was just creeping by at first, but at the end, it was like a high-velocity train rushing to September. I did a lot of things. Things on my own, and things with the people I love. So let’s get into this summary of August 2018.

Walking in Het Zwin

Together with my girlfriend, I made plans to go on a day to the beach. The Belgian Coast has many things to do, but we decided on visiting Het Zwin. A nature reserve that is excellent for bird spotting and hikes. We also visited Cadzand, which is actually in the Netherlands, and enjoyed the beach and food there.

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Evening walks

During summer, and sometimes in winter, I like to go on evening walks by myself. Just to relax, get away from the computer and the office, think about other things and get some physical exercise. Still, I never stop photographing, even during my breaks.

Concert photography at Lokerse Feesten

The kind people of Huawei asked me to photograph a couple of artists during the yearly festival of Lokerse Feesten. I decided to take on the challenge and photograph the concerts with only a smartphone. It wasn’t easy, but I feel I got a couple of good shots.

Some more evening walks

It’s almost like an addiction, my evening walks. So yeah, it’s a big part of my summary here.

Cooking with my girlfriend

Okay, to be perfectly honest: she did all the cooking. I was just standing there. I did enjoy the food very well. Oh, and I paired the food with a beer, so I did do something…

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Fixing lamps at a friends house

With my buddy Fons, I went to hang some lamps in the new apartment of my friends Margot & Laura. Fons did all the work. I just made sure he remembered to turn off the electricity and keep the ladders sturdy.

Going to the fitness again

It was too long since I last went, so I decided to start going again. It’s not the greatest success yet, but I’m getting there.

Spending an evening in Ghent

What better to relax than an evening in Ghent.

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Getting rained out

In August we had a dry spell in Belgium. So during an evening walk, I wasn’t really thinking about bringing a raincoat. The showers came as a big surprise!


A beer as relaxation

As a thank you for my services, some friends brought me a case of beers from Scotland. During August I drank the last ones from the case. I enjoyed every single one of them. It also helped me to advance my Untappd a lot!

Going out for the evening

And encountering cats. Unfortunately, my girlfriend has the principal to never let a kitty unpetted. So when we encounterend one on our evening out we had to spend some time with the cat. It was a sweet cat though, so I don’t really mind.

A visit to Brussels

With my buddy Fons, I decided to visit Brussels for a Star Wars exhibition and Beer festival. Silly as we are, we didn’t check if we had to book tickets for the exhibition in advance. The upside was extra time on the BXL Beerfest. Hooray!

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Hamza’s Bday

The day after, Hamza was organizing his Bday party. We all gathered in a bar near the port of Antwerp and celebrated. With snacks and drinks obviously. Like our local beers: Seef and Bootjesbier. Omnomnom.


Finally… Star Wars

At the end of the month, Fons and I finally got to go to the Star Wars Exhibition in Brussels. It was an amazing and fun experience doing the tour and watching all the costumes, sketches and models.

What did you do this month? Let me know in the comments below!