Ways to get around Antwerp: An extensive public transport guide

Antwerp is a beautiful city. And as a native, I can tell you there are plenty of things to do and see. Question is, how do you get around Antwerp easily and comfortably? Let me explain!

Walk: the city is not that big

As I said there is a lot to see and do and in Antwerp, but it’s also close to each other. So walking around town is a great idea. You can see all the highlights, discover the neighborhoods were people live and walk past all the nice restaurants.

From the Justitiepaleis, which is a highlight at the South of the city, to the Port Authority, which is the at the North of the city, you can plan a walk passing all the highlights which will be less than 10km. Easy peasy, and a healthy way to get around Antwerp.

The walk as I would suggest it:

  • Justitiepaleis: An architectural highlight of the city.
  • FOMU: photography museum and get inspired.
  • Wasbar: a laundromat which also has great food and drinks.
  • Nationale Bank: which is another architectural highlight.
  • Botanical garden: And enjoy some pretty flowers and plants.
  • Stadsschouwburg: Another awesome architectural highlight.
  • Stadspark: Where you can walk around in the park for a minute.
  • Centraal station: Which is the most beautiful train station in the world.
  • Opera: A newly build square and a renovated building where you can still see opera.
  • the Meir: Antwerp’s largest shopping street.
  • The Rubens House: Discover the life and work of famous painter Rubens.
  • Boerentoren: A large tower looking over the city.
  • Cathedral: Pretty obvious one, but we are proud of it!
  • Grote Markt: Where you can look at our city hall
  • Het Steen: An ancient castle, now under renovation as a cruise line terminal.
  • MAS: an architectural highlight with an interesting museum inside.
  • Port Authority: The newest architectural highlight in Antwerp by Zaha Hadid.

This entire walk is around 10km long and will lead you past all the highlights of Antwerp. Of course, you can extend this with your own highlights. There are more museum, shops, and buildings to see in the city. These are just the Must-Sees of Antwerp.

Take a bike: Velo

You probably know about car-sharing by now, in Antwerp we do the same, but with bikes. Over the entire city and connected municipalities, you can find stops with bikes you can take out.

It’s called Velo and is actually pretty cheap. For 4 euro’s you have a bike for the entire day. You can only use it for 30 minutes at a time. When reaching 30 minutes, you bring the bike back to the nearest station. And if you feel like biking some more, you get a new one.

There are more than 290 stations over the entire city. So it’s pretty easy to find a station near your destination. A fast way to get around Antwerp.

Go by bus or tram

In the region of Flandres bus and tram traffic is regulated by De Lijn. It’s possible to get to all the places in Antwerp by public transport. On their website, you will find a lot of information about the lines and the hours.

In Belgium, we like to complain about how public transport is never on time. It’s a bit exaggerated, but there is some truth. So keep that in mind when taking the bus or tram in Antwerp.

Take a taxi (no Uber tho)

Like all cities in the world, Antwerp has taxis too. I’ve never been a huge user of the service in Belgium, but I consider the prices to be average for our region. There are plenty of companies to hire a taxi. You can also find some on the streets in touristic spots.

Uber is still illegal in Belgium. Although it is possible to get one here and there, it’s not recommended to take one. So it’s best to stay away from the app during your stay.

What’s your favorite way of transportation during a city trip?

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