A two day walk through the Vlaamse Ardennen: Wandel Walhalla / Walkhalla

You’re probably aware that I love to walk. When citytripping, it’s my transportation of choice. But, since I live in the city, sometimes I want to get out in nature more. So on friday, I looked half an hour for my car keys and hopped in my car. Of to  the Vlaamse Ardennen a place dubbed ‘Wandel Walhalla‘.

Translation: Walking Walhalla (or as Fons stated: Walkhalla)

Friday-morning in Oudenaarde

As I said, after looking for my car keys, I left Antwerp and went to the Vlaamse Ardennen. A region known for it’s hills, large fields and walking-options. From my hometown it’s just an hour driving, so I soon arrived in Oudenaarde. An old Belgian town and the perfect place to set up your walking headquarter.

A morning coffee at a cool coffee-bar named ‘Tijd voor Koffie’ (time for coffee). I was ready to go. So first I walked around town, looking at all the old buildings and views. The city was preparing for a party-weekend, and I started preparing for my walks. I ate a grilled goat cheese salad in Gijselinck. Ready to go!

Muziekbos in Ronse

Full of energy I decided to leave town and took my car to Muziekbos. It’s a large forest with high trees, fields of ferns and old constructions spread around. The ideal place for the adventurous hiker. You can just go in and decide to walk a route you make yourself. On the website of the Flemish Nature & Woods agency you can find routes to inspire you.

When you are done with your walk, you can go to Taverne Louis for a nice drink and some food. They have plenty of local beers to try, but after a walk, I suggest you have a water first.

Sleeping in the Vlaamse Ardennen

In the small town of Petegem you can find a B&B that goes by the name of Hof ter Lucht. I normally stay at hostels, but this time it was time for a bit of luxury. Upon arrival the nice lady who owns the place gave me a lot of information about the region and the several walking opportunities. We talked for 30 minutes and even more before she showed me to my room. A large room where you could find everything you need for a good walking experience.

I settled for a moment and started to work on some of the photos I already made that day. But I wanted to go out again. The nice lady was so kind to give me several maps of several routes in the neighbourhood, including some she created and invented herself. Desperate to try the routes, I left the B&B and started walking and following the maps.

Fields, animals and vantage points

I started the day in the city, then I went to a forest, so now it was time to go through the fields. Many people think fields are boring landscapes, but with the wind blowing through the grain, the different crops growing and the houses breaking the landscapes, it was far from boring.

Thanks to the maps, I could also make my own routes. For the rest of the afternoon, I did nothing else but walk through the amazing fields of the Vlaamse Ardennen: A true Wandel Walhalla.

Time for food and party

At 7:30pm my friend Fons, you already know him from my trip to the Netherlands and the VCBF-festival, arrived at the Oudenaarde train station. We had a lovely dinner at the Le Rubin restaurant on the townsquare. I can suggest their Scampi Diabolique and Coupe Bresilienne.

In Oudenaarde, there was festival that night. The bierfeesten is a yearly event they host to celebrate the summer. Since CPeX, a band from Antwerp, was playing, we had to go and have a look. Me and Fons made our way through the crowd and found a good place to see the concert. When it was finished, it was time to go to bed and prepare ourselves for the second day.

An energizing breakfast and long walk

A good night sleep at the Hof ter Lucht B&B and a tasty breakfast with several cheeses, breads, fruits and more. We had our stomachs filled for another walking adventure.

Of we went, after a short check-out and talk with the hostess who gave us some more tips for the walk. We decided to do the Hector Plancquaert walk. You can choose between a combination of walk ranging from 3,6km tot 10,2km. Me and Fons got lost when we wanted to take a shortcut, so we ended up doing more than the 10,2km. But it was a nice walk, going past small villages, beautiful houses, large landscapes and animals.

After the walk we had some late lunch in Ter Donk, an adventure park near Oudenaarde. Unfortunately afterwards it was time to drive back to Antwerp. But I will return to the Vlaamse Ardennen.

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If you want to visit the Vlaamse Ardennen, and I suggest you do, you can find more information on the website of WandelWalhalla.be.

Have fun exploring!

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