A Photography book wishlist

We all have it, not necessarily written, but in our mind. A wishlist. One of my mental wishlists is that of photobooks. I just love going through them, looking at the amazing images other people made and getting inspired. So let’s have a look at these five books I would love to have!

Genesis by SebastiĆ£o Salgado

I went to his exhibition in Rotterdam during my trip to Rotterdam earlier this year. I found the book later in Frankfurt in the Leica Gallery. I didn’t buy it because they only had a German version. I did buy the book Heartland by Hoepker, which is a signed copy. So I didn’t completely feel sad.

Discover the world with SebastiĆ£o Salgado.

Personal Exposures by Elliott Erwitt

I’m really bad at street photography. I just don’t have the guts I think. I’d rather climb a mountain (even though I have vertigo) than ask a person if I can take their picture. That’s why I appreciate Elliot Erwitt’s work so much. He made such good street photography photos. I already have his books about NYC and Dogs, but this one is still missing from my collection.

Take a look at the interesting people on street through Elliot’s eyes.

Afghanistan by Steve McCurry

We all know one of his photos: Afghan Girl. In July I went to his exhibition in Brussels and learned so much more about all of his work. From the disaster of 9/11 to the warzones in Afghanistan. He takes his time with the locals to get to know them. It’s not just a quick portrait and done. This makes his work look so much better and have so much more meaning.

Get up and close with the people of Afghanistan with Steve.

Arctica by Sebastian Copeland

I don’t know if I have to put this in the category of landscapes or abstract art. Or is it a photo-report? I don’t know. I just know it’s amazing to look at. The book is about the icebergs, sheets and the weird landscapes they generate. It’s maybe a bit less educative and more esthetical than the rest of the books in this list, but that does not make it less of a thing for me to want.

Explore this huge and barren continent with Sebastian.

Ice is Black by Laurent Baheux

A book about the look for oil beneath the ice sheets… but you will never see a person or barrel of oil. It’s about the animals living in those regions, almost as a last resort to document these joyful animals. But it’s a call for help. Let Laurent amaze you with the landscape, I bet you’ll get convinced to stop using oil.

Observe the cute animals living in a winter wonderland with Laurent.


Do you have a photography book wishlist? Let me know what books you like to add to your collection!

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