9 travel apps you need to install on your phone

Apps, apps, apps. There is one for every situation you can find yourself in. So finding the right one is the thing that became hard. That’s why I decided to make a little list of apps I find useful and use on almost all my trips. Let’s get cracking.

1. Google Maps

This one is a no-brainer. You want to be able to find your way around town. A simple search for what you want to see and you get the shortest route in your hand. Even for public transport, this one helps you out with finding the right bus stop, which bus to take at which time and where to hop off. Because asking someone isn’t foolproof*.

*Reminisces about all the times he accidentally directed someone the wrong way*

2. Google Trips

It’s a lesser known app from Google, but I think it’s so useful. It lists all the highlights of the city you search. Even things that are further away. The real handy feature is the integration with google maps. You can give the things you want to see a star and the location will then be pinned in your Google Maps app.

So next time you are looking for the name of that one place, you can just find the star on your map and tap it. Boom, easiest search ever!

3. Netflix

Because you’ll get sick of reading magazines at the airport and on the airplane. You might want to catch up on a show before bed too. So download the app. Since 2017 it’s even better because you can download some episodes of your favorite shows to your smartphone. No more expensive data-bills or crappy hotel Wi-Fi issues.

4. Uber

I hate taking a taxi, it’s such a drag of getting one, explaining your destination, and paying. That’s why I love Uber. You just say where you want to go in the app, check it on the map, it finds your current location and takes the money from your credit card. So basically you don’t have to do anything, except open an app.

If you are new to Uber, you can use this link. It not only helps you to make an account, it also helps me to get free rides. Win-win, right?

5. Been

It’s not really anĀ app that will help you while traveling. It visually represents the places you’ve been on a map. Only countries though, so if you only visited Stockholm, you get the rest of Sweden for free. It also tells you how much of each continent and the world you’ve visited. I’m at 8% of the world. So much more to see!

6. Splitwise

This one was a revelation to me. When traveling with a friend, or group of friends, you can put all the expenses in this app. You log who paid, how much they paid and what currency they used.

After the trip, you can just “settle up” and see who owes who. No discussions about prices and exchange rates anymore.

7. Duolingo

I’m not saying you have to learn the entire language, but it helps to know the basic words when you’re abroad. Just a couple of words on the menu to know what you order. General words of direction to understand traffic signs. And maybe some curse words, just to know what the person you’re talking to thinks of you.

8. VSCOcam

During your travels, you’re going to take pictures. Without a doubt. Usually, your photos don’t come out perfectly straight out of the box. That means straight from the sensor without any editing.

VSCOcam is a handy app for people that want to do basic editing and applying preset filters. So go for it! I recently made a blog post about the way the sliders affect your photo

9. Snapseed

If you’re like me and shoot your (smartphone)photos in RAW, it’s a good idea to use Snapseed instead of VSCO. This app supports RAW-editing. It’s a bit harder to wrap your mind around, but it also gives better results once you do. I definitely recommend giving this one a try.

What apps do you like to use while traveling? Let me know which ones you installed on your phone.