9 photographing vloggers to help you learn more about photography

We all love learning more about photography constantly. I personally do it in several ways online and offline. One of the best online resources for me is YouTube. There you can find tutorials on all the photography basics. And to go even deeper into the subject you can follow some vloggers who actually show you around photography.

They take you to their shoots, they explain how they look at the scene in front of them, and they show you the direct results. So it’s not always the perfect shot, but at least then you know why it’s not perfect. We all learn the most from our failures and those of others.

1. Brendan van Son

This Canadian dude is almost never at home. Currently, he is cruising around the world with his (vlogging) girlfriend Jodie. Going from South-east Asia to South-America, to Canada, to… . You get it. This guy is all over the place.

You will learn about travel photography and a bit of the business side. Which is awesome. Although I don’t always agree with him or his photos, this guy has taught me a lot already. He has a huge output, so expect to see him in your screen a couple of times each week.

Discover the world (and photography) with Brendan:

2. Chris Hau

I think I heard about this guy via Peter McKinnon, another famous YouTuber. Anyhow, I am happy I subscribed to this guy. His titles are a bit click-baity, but that’s okay. I have learned loads of them.

It’s not necessarily about creativity on his channel. He talks about practical tips for your shoots, tips you can apply, he talks about the social media side of it all. So you might not learn anything about photography specific, but you will learn how to promote and use your photos.

Learn more about social media for photographers with Chris:

3. Jessica Kobeissi

Are fashion and portraits your thing? Then you might want to subscribe to this one. Jessica is an energetic photographer who takes you with her on shoots. She’s not just listing tips and tricks, it’s about showing you what she does.

She’s mostly known for her “3 photographers shoot the same model” videos and other crazy challenges. These videos help you to understand how other photographers might get different pictures from the same subject.

Get personality in your photos with the help of Jessica:

4. Kim Grant

Kim is more a vlogger, than really a teacher. But it’s just fun to see her go out and photograph landscapes. She takes you around Scotland, which is already a reason to watch her video’s. Next to that, she has such passion in her voice and telling… oh and a lovely Scottish accent.

Planning on going to Scotland anytime soon? Well, check out her channel to see what places are totally worth a visit.

Get excited about the world with Kim:

5. Mads Peter Iversen

A Danish photographer taking you along with him on his search for amazing landscapes around the world. He focusses mostly on northern countries. He takes you on his trips in a vlogging kind of way. At the same time, he tells you so much about the pictures he’s taking.

I find his way of vlogging to most educative and inspiring.

Find a deeper meaning in the landscapes around you with Mads:

6. Manny Ortiz

He talks mostly about working with models. How he goes about taking a shot and directing them. He provided me with great tips already, and I bet you can learn from him too. Often he shows you BTS of shoots with his wife.

The dynamic between them is already fun to look at, but the photos they make together are even more fun. They also talk about how life is like to be in a photographer-model based relation. Which is a great insight to have.

Enjoy the beauty of people around you with Manny:

7. Sean Tucker

It’s all about the art with him. Mainly black and white, even his videos are colorless. Which gives an extra dimension to his work. He doesn’t make a new video too often, but he makes them long and thorough.

Think about your photography with Sean:

8. Teppo Haapoja

This is mainly an inspirational channel. It goes between vlogs and tutorials to help you out with better colors and storytelling in your photography.

Find your photography voice with Teppo:

9. The Art of Photography

As the name suggests, it’s all about the art here. This guy will give you homework but he will also showcase your work. He experiments with different kinds of gears and old school developing techniques. Anything that will keep the photography geek inside of you satisfied.

Uncover the photography mysteries with Ted:

Are there photography vloggers you like to follow? Let me know in the comments below!


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    1. Ha, op die manier had ik Chris Hau ook ontdekt! (De Canada-crew daar is echt goed bezig).
      Die anderen zijn zeker ook de moeite waard. Ik ben ook nog lang niet door mijn watch later lijst, dus de laatste maanden is het bijna elke avond dat ik de gezichten uit deze lijst zie. 😀

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