8 tips to help you travel without actually travelling

If you are like me, you want to go out of the house almost constantly. Which is great! However you often find yourself limited by time and money. And that is the exact reason I started writing this blogpost. To find things to do, when I can’t do things.

Try something new

You can try this at home, or even in your direct neighbourhood. Never went out during lunch for a coffee or sandwich? Today you are going to do just that. Or maybe there is a new park just a couple of minutes away from where your house is. Go and visit it! It might look like small and stupid things, but it will help you satisfy your need for adventure (at least a little bit).

Go and see a sunset (or sunrise if you’re an early bird)

There are few things more beautiful than a sunset or sunrise. And they happen everyday! We just forgot to spend attention to them. So if you don’t know what to do tonight: fill a bag with some blankets, a cooler or thermos and maybe some folding chairs. Get all that in your car and start looking for a nice place to witness this amazing natural event. Don’t forget to bring a loved one.

Go away for one night (and don’t go too far)

Book a room in a hotel for one night. This can be anywhere: your own city, a neighbouring city or a two hour drive away from home. I sometimes just stay over at a friend. As simple as that. You will be surprised how much this can help you relax.

Visit a museum or exhibition

There are plenty of museums and exhibitions near you that you haven’t already visited. Pick one and go have a look. My all time favorites are photography and natural science museums, but you can pick any that you like. I once even heard of a dredging museum. So I don’t want to hear an excuse that you can’t find anything you like.

Eat foreign

Don’t fancy visiting some place new or going to a museum (where you probably have to be quiet). I totally understand. Maybe taking your friends to a new restaurant can help you. Or a restaurant you already know, but only serves food from a place far far away.

Play a tourist in your hometown

Plan a full day, or even two, in your hometown. Go around like it’s your first time there. What places will you go to? Visit all the tourist-classics. Just act as if it isn’t your city and do the research of spots you would likely visit.

Play a tourist in a town near you

Hop on the train, jump in your car or go by bike. Visit a small city or town that’s not too far. Just a day: wake up early and come back after dinner.

Host a traveller

What’s better than going away yourself? Having someone over that’s getting away from their daily life. Maybe it’s a friend coming over from an other town, or someone you once met in a hostel that wants to visit your hometown. Next to hosting you can even join them on their trip through your city.

What tips and tricks do you have for avoiding a dull moment? Let me know in the comments!

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