7 tips to get you through airport security with a smile

Flying is probably one of the most mind-blowing experiences. Even if you are a regular flyer. We have transportation possibilities that can get you anywhere on this world within 48 hours. But how mind boggling it is, it can really be a pain in the *ss to get through security. These 7 tips will definitely help you make it more pleasant.

1. Pack your carry-on carefully

First thing you do when packing, is emptying the bag completely. Yes, even the side pockets! This way you’re sure there aren’t any things in there that should not be in there. I once brought a lighter with me this way. I don’t even smoke, so it really was a surprise when the security took it out.

2. Pick your outfit carefully

Make sure to no put on shoes with a lot of metal. Yes those shoes look incredible on you. But keep them for after the flight.

3. Put your laptop and liquids in your bag last

You will have to take them out. Pack them last so you can take them out easily. Think about the liquids you need too. You’re only allowed one litre in total. And it has to be in bottles of 100ml or less. This sounds obvious, but I once witnessed a guy bringing 1l of shampoo with him.

4. Don’t take out unnecessary items

I’m someone who likes to take their camera with them onboard. Just to feel safe. But it’s not necessary to take it out of the bag when going through security. So don’t. It will save you and the people behind you a lot of time and stress.

5. Put your passport in the tray too

I’m not 100% sure if this is necessary. But I once had the metal scanner beeping because I was carrying it in my pocket. Not what you need if you only have an hour between flights and have to run across Heathrow.

6. Don’t take forbidden items with you

I know, it feels like a more comfortable idea to bring that nail clipper with you. Or have that lighter ready for after your flight. But it will end up in you losing that item and probably trying to argue with the security guard. So don’t. Just, don’t.

7. Go early to the airport

It will probably not save you to much time, but it will make you less stressed. “Oh, I have to spend a bit longer at security because someone is not applying above said rules? Lucky for me I have enough time to get to the gate.”

What are your tips and tricks for a pleasant airport security experience?

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23 thoughts on “7 tips to get you through airport security with a smile”

  1. Love this! It surprises me how many people have issues going through security, and then act like everything is a surprise. I’m not sure about the passport, but I also just empty my pockets to be on the safe side.

  2. My tip would be wear shoes that are easy to take on an off. More often than not, no matter if your shoes do not have metal they will make your remove them the same. One time I had to travel with laced boots (only because they were a bit heavy and we were low on baggage space and weight) and It was SUPER ANNOYING taking them off, putting them on, taking them off at a transfer point, putting them on again. Since then I try always to have slip on and off shoes!

  3. This is one article that all of us need to read. So helpful and bang on correct. Thanks for sharing

  4. Great tips. I usually carry my passport in my hand and put it in the bin as well. This is always the part of the trip that sucks, but I always say its worth the destination.

  5. These are valuable tips. Its very important to pack light and be smart about it. Some people tend to carry a lot of liquid in their carry on which an absolute no no. Such people do not understand that not only they are getting delayed, they are also delaying the other people in the queue.

  6. Going through security is so much easier when you follow these tips. I wish that everyone would read this and learn because some of the things people do are crazy. I remember someone telling me they brought a little Swiss army knife on the plane because they noticed they had it with them accidentally. They were in the line up and hid it in their change purse in a candy wrapper. This might have been pre 9/11 though?

    1. I don’t think it’s uncommon for this to happen. I just think it’s your own responsibility if security discovers it and takes it from you. But I’m happy my blogpost helps. ^^

  7. Some great tips for a smooth airport security! I totally agree with you that one need to reach early to be less stressed!

  8. A wonderful posts with great tips and I should everyone must read this as it will not only save ones own time but will also avoid delay for others. Thanks

  9. This is a great summary! In my early days of traveling, I learned to put liquids in on top the hard way as I always had to unpack half my suitcase before reaching them, frustrating everybody behind me! They are now always in spot I can quickly reach!

  10. Unique and interesting post! We do most of the tips ourselves as well. And try to avoid travelling during the busiest periods. At Amsterdam Schiphol a lot of people missed their flights during the recent May school holidays. It was so busy at security and customs!

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