7 things you’ll discover about yourself when traveling alone

Traveling alone is a liberating experience. You will do things differently, you will experience new things, and most importantly you’ll discover yourself.

It seems scary at first, but you will find out it is not. So what are you waiting for?

1. Making friends is easy!

Because none of your friends do it, you think no-one in the world does it. But there is a big portion of people that travel by themselves. You will often meet them in hostels. While cooking in the shared kitchen or just waiting for the shower. People that you might even visit in their hometown later.

2. Being alone is the best

Even if you meet new friends, you can just go out and discover the city by yourself. You can see the things you want, without making a compromise with your travel-partner. None of your friends like to drink coffee, but you are an addict? Take the time to discover the coffee-places of the city. Or maybe you have a specific interest in a niche art-form and now you can finally visit that one museum.

3. You will discover your many talents

When traveling in a group, all the tasks are usually split up. And you do what you already know you can do. But when traveling alone, everything comes down to you. As scary as this seems, it really isn’t. I promise you will experience a boost in confidence!

4. You will meet the locals more easily

When you are alone in a bar, you will more likely start to talk to someone. Or just on the street, when you are lost or need a good recommendation. Just talk to a local and maybe even invite him/her to join you for food.

5. You will come out of your comfort zone.

Just because you have to. Traveling alone is probably already out of your zone. Doing the things alone you would normally do with your friends, might bring another perspective to it. Maybe you actually like the things you thought you hated.

6. It helps you manage your daily life

Getting away from it all and just being on your own, help you think about all the things going on in your life. Are you really satisfied with your job? Is there something you still want to learn? Going with a friend will just confirm what you’ve been doing all along. So go alone and rethink what you’re doing!

7. You can just do as you please

Waking up early to see the sunrise. Visiting a museum none of your friends like. Eating the things only you like. Traveling alone let’s you do all that! It’s surprising how relaxing it is to do all those things alone.


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