Celebrate Beer Lovers Day with these 5 beers from Antwerp

It’s beer lovers day. Happy beer lovers day! There is only one way to celebrate this: with beers! I’m celebrating it with some old favourites that work in practically any situation. Oh, and it’s a coincidence they are all from my hometown (or close to): Antwerp.

1. Duvel

Brewed by Moortgat in the south of the province of Antwerp. Duvel is a Belgian pale ale. So it’s right up my alley. The word is actually dialect for ‘the Devil’. But you will believe in angels when you drink this beer. Now, the brewery owns a lot of Belgian breweries, but the Duvel one remains my favourite.

Try the Duvel tripel hop too. The recipe changes on a yearly basis, making some years sought after by connaisseurs.

2. De Koninck

This is a beer from a brewery in the center of Antwerp city. It is also owned by Moortgat. The brewery now is an active museum where you can learn more about the city and the beer. So if you are in Antwerp I can recommend visiting this place. To convince you even more: there is a beer-tasting at the end of the tour. One bolleke please!

3. Wild Joe by De Koninck

This one is brewed by De Koninck and is made with wild yeasts. Hence the ‘Wild’ in the name. It’s a Belgian Wild Ale and is pretty new. It’s around since 2015, so not many people have drank this one. Which makes you a pioneer. Just like the ‘Jo’, who was the adventurer that saved the brewery after WOI.

4. Lost in Spice by De Koninck

This one by De Koninck is even newer. It’ only been around since this year. They used spices instead of hops, which you could’ve guest by the name. It originally was just one of their test-brews, but they soon decided to make it a permanent fixture in their array of beers.

5. Trippel Westmalle

Brewed in an abbey, this beer is allowed to call itself a Trappist. You can find them in the Kempen, east of Antwerp. You have a double and trippel Trappist. They also have a lighter beer: The Extra. Which I only found at their local café. I recently had the chance to finally try all their beers. Even the half-half.

So what beer(s) are you drinking to celebrate beer day? Let me know in the comments below!

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