6 of the best resources to help you learn about photography

Not that long ago I wrote a list of free resources to learn about photography. Obviously there are more places to learn about the art-form. So I compiled this list. It will probably keep growing in the future, as I will discover new resources too.

First of all, I want to share my free list of resources again. It contains a lot of blogs, YouTube-channels and Netflix shows. They can help you, but only up to a certain point. It’s good to read the several blogs weekly and watch the video’s on YouTube to finetune your knowledge. However helpful, it’s not a full education.

1. Udemy

This website provides more than just photography lessons. You can follow several courses by different photographers. I suggest reading the reviews of the lessons, as everyone can upload a course. There are plenty of quality courses to find, but there are also some bad courses.

You can learn the photography basics and go into niches. From starter to pro, you will find something for you there.

Tip: they often do sales where you can buy courses for 10 euro’s each. Wait for one of those to stock up on courses.

2. Local photography shop

Most photography shops often offer workshops or courses to learn a certain aspect of photography with a professional. This can help you to learn more about the subject you want to get better at, and to network with other photographers. These lessons are often a bit more expensive but are almost always worth their price.

3. Lessons at school

You can go back to school. Don’t quit your day job, but evening-shool. Usually these classes focus on the basics, which is great if you’re a starter. Sometimes it’s also just handy to get an official degree to show your clients. However, they rarely ask you to show it.

4. Talking to other photographers

Somethings you don’t learn from reading blogs and following classes. Certain workflows or experiential information is best to learn from other photographers. Become friends with other local photographers and go out to have a drink with them. Talk about more than photography, so it’s not just about the transaction of business-information.

5. Shooting with other photographers

Take the previous step a bit further. Actually go out and plan a trip with them. Observing them while they take photos can help you a lot. Joining photo walks can help even more. Sometimes it’s not just about learning new things, but also about confirming what you already know.

6. Photography books

I have a lot of books about photography. Most of them are just simple books with photo’s from a certain photographer doing a certain project. Like my favorite one about bus stops in the former USSR. Every photo is another bus stop. Books like this will not help you with the technical aspect of photography, but will get the creative juices flowing.

What other resources do you recommend? Let me know in the comments!

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