6 must haves in your carry-on bag

You might love or hate flying. If you are on the hating side of my readers, don’t. There is no reason to. Although I have to admit I don’t like it too much either. But there are ways to make it more comfortable. That’s why I present you these 6 must haves to bring in your carry-on.

1. A book, magazine or something else for you to read

If you like to read though. I always bring one of the magazines that I have a subscription on, but forget to read during my time at home. So once in an airplane, it’s the ideal time for me to finally read them.

2. A fully charged laptop

This comes in handy if you want to work, write or just game during your flight. But make sure to charge it at home. Cause in the air, you won’t find a socket. If you turn of the Wi-Fi, as you should, your battery will last longer.

3. Your smartphone with downloaded series from Netflix

Since a couple of months now, you can finally download your favourite serie or movie to your smartphone. So if you have a longer flight, I think this is the time to binge that new season.

4. Your phone and a Spotify subscription

If you have a Spotify subscription, you can download your playlists and listen to them offline. Ideal during a flight. I recommend you to download new songs you haven’t listened to and discover new music. It’s only right you discover new music when you also discover a new city.

5. Gum for morning breath

A practical one. Especially when you have a longer flight and tend to sleep. It might not be as bad as you think, and the people around you won’t probably notice it. But if it makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s better to just solve. A simple gum can help you with this.

6. Small amount of contact-fluid

I wear contacts and I am to vain to wear my glasses outside (they are really bad looking and scratched). But long flights and the constant airflow in the cabine makes your eyes dry. And dry eyes are the enemy of contacts. So just bring a small bottle with you, so you can soak them if necessary.

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10 thoughts on “6 must haves in your carry-on bag”

  1. Agree with the list – except I’d swap the contact solution for a Kindle, or my own noise cancelling headphones as I always find the airline headphones terrible!!

  2. This is a great list, a few things on there that I forgot last time. I will refer to this list when I pack for Barcelona!

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