5 tips to travel on the cheap: Transportation

Planning your next trip and looking for ways to save money? I’m doing a series of blogposts about ways to travel on the cheap. Because saving money on your trip, gets you closers to your next trip. In this blogpost I will tell you about my 5 tips to save some bucks on transportation.

1. Travel light

The best way to save money, is by bringing less luggage. A lot of airlines ask an extra fee for larger suitcases. If possible, only bring a carry-on. On some airlines this can even be a small suitcase and an extra backpack. If you’re only going for a weekend, or even a week, this should be plenty. You really don’t need 10 outfits for 2 nights. 😉

2. Walk as much as possible

This is my favorite thing to do in a new city. Not only will it save you money on taxi-fairs and bus-tickets, it will also help you to explore the city.

3. Rent a bicycle

If you want to have a faster way of transportation, rent a bike. You get around town quicker and can still enjoy the buildings and people around you. In some cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam it will even help you blend in with the locals.

4. Avoid taxis

Taxis are expensive, even when you get them on Uber. So make sure to avoid them. They are not great guides either. They will lead you to the most known places or places that are owned by friends and people who pay them a commission. Though I have to admit I have some very good memories of Uber-rides.

5. Travel at night

Take a night train or bus. You can get from A to B without having to pay for an extra night at a hotel. Not really a great tip if you’re tall. But hey, you can sleep when you’re back home.

What are your tips for cheaper trips? Let me know in the comments!

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