5 tips to travel on the cheap: Internet edition

Travelling can be expensive. Especially in these modern days where you want to stay connected with your friends 24/7 en be able to forward those annoying work e-mails. But there are ways to save money. In this blogpost I love to share you 5 tips for saving on internet and mobile data while travelling.

1. Use a VPN and icognito mode

Before you leave or even book: try using a VPN to change your location. Sometimes you can get cheaper deals. Also try to browse in incognito. This way the website don’t place a cookie to track you.

2. Turn on notifications

Do you use apps for hotel and flight bookings? Turn on your notification. Marketeers love to let you know when they have a new deal. Whenever there is one, you will get a push notification.

3. Do a Digital detox

Go offline when you leave. Going on a short weekend? No biggie, those mails can wait. Going away for a full month? You can’t do anything about those complaint mails coming in anyway. So don’t even think about them. Get away from all those notifications and Facebook-updates.

4. Research phone providers

If you’re like me, you probably won’t do #3. That’s okay, just research a bit. Maybe your own provider has a great deal on roaming-data. Perfect for that short weekend away. Going for a longer period? Maybe buying a local SIM will help you. Look around what the cheapest providers are, and let your family and best friends know your temporary phone number.

5. Free Wi-Fi on every street corner

If it’s a citytrip, you might as well just get free WiFi from local stores. Almost every city has a McDonalds, Starbucks or Burger King. All these chains provide free WiFi. If you don’t want to be online during the day, but only at night. Most hotels and hostels these days provide free WiFi anyway. But you can still check it in advance on their website.

What are your tips to save money while travelling?

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